Jordi Cruyff return to Barcelona as Sporting Advisor

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News from Barcelona as Jordi Cruyff, son of Barca legend Johan Cruyff returns to Camp Nou to work with Joan Laporta as Sporting advisor.

Joan Laporta has started showing the changes he promised after winning the Presidential election. Amid the financial crisis, he promised to make several changes in the club.

This week has certainly been special as Barcelona confirmed the signing of Sergio Aguero, Eric Garcia, Royal Emerson already. And now they announce the return of the ‘Cruyff touch’.

Jordi Cruyff will start working as Sporting Advisor in Barcelona

Barca legend Johan Cruyff returns to Camp Nou to work with Joan Laporta as Sporting advisor

Barcelona can never have enough from the Cruyff family. Dutch maestro Johan Cruyff transformed Barcelona, both as a player and a manager.

His son, Jordi Cruyff also graduated from La Masia academy. Although he couldn’t make such big name like his father, but he played for several clubs and managed clubs across the globe.

Jordi Cruyff has left managerial role at a Chinese club Shenzhen FC to join Barcelona as Sporting advisor.

Barca promise to work with Shenzhen and Chinese ambassadors

Barcelona President Joan Laporta thanked the Owner and Board of Directors at Shenzhen FC for letting Jordi Cruyff leave to work at Camp Nou.

Jordi Cruyff started working at Shenzhen FC in September last year. And he has managed only 17 official games for the club.

Joan Laporta raised his support for the Chinese fraternity and have promised to work together in the future. Barcelona will certainly be pleased to work with Kaisa Group, amid the financial crisis.