Jeremy Renner Celebrates Victorious Return After Snow Plow Accident at ‘Rennervations’ Premiere: ‘I Set out To Be Walking This Carpet’

Jeremy Renner Celebrates Victorious Return After Snow Plow Accident at 'Rennervations' Premiere: 'i Set out To Be Walking This Carpet'

Jeremy Renner strolled the red carpet for the first time since his near-fatal snow plow accident on Tuesday night.

The “Avengers” actor attended the premiere of his new Disney+ reality series, “Rennervations,” which focuses on renovating used vehicles for underserved communities around the globe. Los Angeles’ Westwood Regency Village Theatre hosted the event.

Renner emerged on the red carpet at approximately 6:00 p.m., using a cane, and appeared alongside his family for photographs. After a brief period of walking, the actor utilized a motorized Segway to assist him during press interviews.

Renner reveals that despite his ailments, he was determined to keep the “Rennervations” premiere on schedule.

“I was adamant that they not press this while there was momentum with the Disney brass, with us, and with the timing of it all in our lives. It felt perfectly natural,” Renner told Variety. “I may appear a little battered right now, but I assure you that this show is what motivates me to get better every day. I intended to be strolling on this carpet. And here I am relishing it. Otherwise, it would have fallen into an abyss with no date, lost momentum and appeal, and I would have been extremely, extremely, extremely frustrated. “Right now, I’m very excited because we’re here.”

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On New Year’s Day, Renner sustained life-threatening injuries when he was run over by his 14,330-pound Sno-Cat while attempting to prevent it from striking his nephew.

After the tragedy, the executive producer of “Rennervations” Romilda de Luca visited Renner in the hospital.

“It was extremely difficult when I first saw him,” De Luca told Variety at the premiere. I knew immediately that he would be alright.

Disney CEO Bob Iger also attended the premiere to show his support for Renner. Before posing for photos on the blue carpet, they exchanged a few minutes of conversation.

Jeremy Renner Celebrates Victorious Return After Snow Plow Accident at 'Rennervations' Premiere: 'i Set out To Be Walking This Carpet'

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“I just happened to be the dummy standing on the track a little bit to see if my nephew was there,” Renner told ABC News’s Diane Sawyer in his first post-accident interview earlier this month. “When operating a motor vehicle, you should not be outside the vehicle. It’s like driving with one foot out the window… However, it was as it was. And it was my error, for which I paid.”

Renner’s neighbors dialed 911 before attempting to keep the actor alive for 21 minutes while paramedics traversed snowy terrain. Renner reportedly told Sawyer during her ABC News special that he would like to be able to walk his first red carpet following his accident and recuperation.

On Friday, Renner posted an Instagram photo of himself and his family visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. The photograph depicts Renner using a cane while resting against a pole. One can observe a motorized scooter off to the side.

On Monday, Renner also appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” When he walked onto the stage with the aid of a cane, he received a standing ovation. He even performed a brief dance prior to seating down with Kimmel.

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