In the Heights Movie Review – A Heartening Musical Indulged In Wholesomeness

In the Heights Movie Review – A Heartening Musical Indulged In Wholesomeness
In the Heights Movie Review – A Heartening Musical Indulged In Wholesomeness

Directed by John M. Chu and based on “In the Heights” by Quiara Alegria Hudes and Lin-Manuel Miranda, In the Heights will be getting its theatrical release on June 11th, 2021, in the United States. The early reviews for the movie are in, and critics have shown much optimism for the release.

In the Heights movie will have a world premiere on June 4th, 2021, at Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, and you will also be able to watch it on the HBO Max streaming platform.

With so many reviews on the table, we’ve compiled the list of some prominent critics and tell you their say on this John M. Chu creation. Here is the full review of the cherishing, relishing and revering musical, In the Heights.

In the Heights Movie Review

The Guardian

Writing for The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw defines this movie as a “film with Sunny-D optimism”. Like others, he wasn’t shy in delivering his verdict and showing his appreciation for how much he enjoyed this musical.

He tells the absolute absence of any hint of crime or adversity and the movie’s positivity. He says, “But this is a world of all jets and no sharks, or all sharks and no jets. There is no serious conflict here, and the quarrels, family rows and lovers’ tiffs disappear very quickly.


David Ehlrich also had his say while writing for IndieWire. In his review, he says that the movie is “full of life that it would probably convince you the movies were back even if they hadn’t gone anywhere”. He praised the screenplay by Quiara Algeria Hudes and commented on the bold choices they made in the movie.

“At the very lease, Quiara Algeria Hudes – who also wrote the book for the Broadway show – deserves credit for a screenplay that makes bold choices, emphasizes migratory churn even when It means cutting entire characters, and strives to keep up with the times”, he says.

It is Full of Optimism

Entertainment Weekly

From Entertainment Weekly, Leah Greenblatt delivered his verdict for the movie and rated it Grade: A-. He commented on various characters and emphasized their characterization and association with the musical front.

Like David, he was optimistic about the update Quiara made for the movie from her book. He says, “Screenwriter Quiara Algeria Hudes, who also wrote the original stage book, finds ways to update the script for 2021 in ways that feel necessary without being invasive”.

Other Sites

Based on the 59 reviews from critics, Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a score of 8.4/10 with a massive approval rating of 98%. Apart from that, Metacritic reviewers were also positive with this release as their average rating for the movie was 80/100 based on 22 reviews.

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In The Heights – Change The World Trailer

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