ICC clears Al Jazeera’s old claim of Match Fixing


Cricket news coming in straight from ICC that they’ve denied allegations of Match fixing between India England and India Australia.

A news channel named ‘Al Jazeera’ claimed in something serious in their documentary released in 2018. The show hosted a person named Aneel Munnawar alleged to have worked as bookie.

In the show, the bookie claimed to have fixed two matches. India played England at Chennai in 2016 and India played Australia at Ranchi in 2017.

Al Jazeera
ICC rejects Al Jazeera documentary’s match-fixing claims, finds ‘lack of credible evidence’

ICC dismissed the Match Fixing claims after an independent investigation

After the show got public, International Cricket Council took up the charge to investigate the games.

ICC set up a team of Four consisting experienced cricketers and bookies. Although ICC never revealed the names, the task force claimed that the situations were certainly very predictable.

ICC has also claimed that during their investigation, the behaviour seemed a little odd. But have informed that No charges will certainly be brought under the ICC Anti-Corruption Code.

As the investigation team couldn’t find any reliable evidence. They have questioned the players as well, and couldn’t rely upon any sufficient or credible information.

Alex Marshall, the GM of ICC Integrity Unit has claimed that the show lacks proper evidence. The team also spotted some fundamental weaknesses in their script. And hence, ICC has denied such Match Fixing claims against India, England and Australia.