Huawei patents new automatic parking system with easy touch control screen

According to the latest news, Chinese tech giant, Huawei has filed a new patent application for “a method and device for automatic parking interaction”. It has CN112824183A as the publication number.

As per the patent summary, it is an automatic parking interactive method provided by the embodiments of this application that is applied to a smart car. It can improve the user’s interactive experience by improving parking convenience.

In simple words, the onboard system will display a virtual top view of the parking lot on the central control panel. After seeing it, the user will be able to move the car accordingly to any of the virtual parking spots through touch based controls.  First, the vehicle will seek the user’s confirmation. Once it is granted the confirmation, the vehicle will automatically be parked at the location.

Huawei patents new automatic parking system with easy touch control screen
Huawei patents new automatic parking system

It can be understood that to make this effective, it requires multiple surround view cameras. The camera modules can be subdivided into different parking space adjustment modules like a top view stitching module or a perception module or a path planning module. Basically, this patent focuses to improve the intelligent interaction experience of the automatic parking system.

Note that just a few months ago, Huawei filed a patent application for a vehicle navigation method which described the navigation method, device, and system in breadth. It also mentioned the concept of intelligent driving technology.

Huawei's new automatic parking system patent CN112824183A in China
Huawei’s new automatic parking system patent in China

The technology includes retrieving images taken by multiple cameras and getting location information of the target vehicle based on the images. By doing this, the car generates a navigation route and pushes it to the user’s smartphone.

It is interesting to see that when the company faced global challenges in the smartphone department, it shifted its strategy to focus on other aspects of technology. Huawei eventually grabbed a few futuristic technology projects. Currently, it is working on the next generation communication, electric vehicles, and smart cars.

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