How to Write a Perfect Movie Review Essay

How to Write a Perfect Movie Review Essay
How to Write a Perfect Movie Review Essay

In every movie, there are moments, realizing which there a desire to share with other people is. But how to do it right? How to write professional and high-quality movie reviews? There are certain rules to follow.

How to write a movie review?

First, you need to understand what a review is. This is one of the genres of criticism and journalism, which reflects:

  • summary of the film;
  • author’s point of view;
  • assessment of the work of actors and directors;
  • recommendations for watching a movie.

They write a review so that the reader can conclude: is it worth watching the movie, or should they refrain from watching it. Keep in mind that the opinion of the author has to be independent. A review is a much better analysis of a movie than a trailer that lasts a few minutes. After all, the creators of such videos strive to show the best moments of the movie, the brightest special effects, and amazing moments. The author is independent and presents a more accurate assessment.

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How to Write a Perfect Movie Review Essay
How to Write a Perfect Movie Review Essay

Rules for writing reviews

  1. In order for the review to be of high quality, start writing it immediately after you watch the film. In this way, you will convey information better because you remember the movie very well.
  2. Let’s start. Your notebook should be near you while you are watching a movie. Once the movie is over, write down the highlights that you enjoyed and made a strong impression on you. When you get home, think of a title. Of course, it is very simple to call the paper “Review of the … movie”. Remember that, in this case, there is no guarantee that your review will be of interest to someone. The title of your review should be extravagant and interesting.
  3. The introduction should reflect the idea of the movie. You can write the main plotline or, for example, list the names of the actors, write in which movies they were shot before. But there is a very important rule: in no case should you include spoilers. Don’t show all your cards. In addition, boring retelling should be avoided.
  4. Analyze the movie. Make a conclusion about whether the main idea is embodied in life. Write the highlights that you liked.
  5. Express your general impression of the movie, but in no case give a personal assessment. This is what separates feedback from a review.
  6. Conclusion: here, it is worth indicating what exactly the viewer will receive after viewing this movie. Will it be positive emotions? Will the viewer be able to learn something or just have fun?

Sample: the “The Last Duel” review: I hope it is not the last

Despite the fact that more than 600 years have passed since the last French-sanctioned duel, a world ruled by men has changed little. It’s still “indecent” to talk about rape out loud; still, a man, if he decides to beat the offender’s face, will first beat him for his humiliation and then for the scolded honor of his lady.

If I understood everything correctly, then this is exactly what Ridley Scott’s film is about, based on a script co-written by Ben Affleck, Nicole Holofcener, and Matt Damon. But the good news is that “The Last Duel,” this touching story of one woman’s heroism in a cruel male world, was told casually, filmed in suspense, and perceived as a historical drama. It penetrates the very heart, and you understand that the director of “Gladiator” and “Kingdom of Heaven” shot it.

So, a quarter of a century after their debut “Good Will Hunting,” Affleck and Damon decided to work together again and adapt the novel “The Last Duel: A True Story of a Trial by Battle in Medieval France” written by a professor of medieval English literature, Eric Jager, based on real events.

The great idea was to tell the story from the perspective of the three main participants in the events of 1370-1386 – Jean de Carrouges, Jacques Le Gris, and Marguerite de Carrouges. Affleck and Damon made the wise decision of inviting Nicole Holofcener to write “the truth” from Lady Marguerite’s perspective. Indeed, it is a duel between two men. One takes revenge not so much for his wife but takes out the insults inflicted on him for almost two decades by a former friend. The second, who is deceiving himself, cannot understand his fault is; only Marguerite sees both men through and risks her life to get the truth out.

Ridley Scott managed to create a film worthy of his talent, over the message of which you can argue. One man can win a duel, but “The Last Duel” tells that the real battle is far from over. Your movie review is ready! Re-read it several times, now you can submit it. Good luck!