Step-by-Step Guide to Make Twitter Public?

how to make twitter public
Key Takeaways

Your tweets will only be visible to those who have followed you when you change your Twitter account to private. Modifying the Protect My Tweets option in the Security & Privacy area of your Twitter account’s settings panel will make your account visible to the public.

Step 1

To access your Twitter Settings panel, click the Profile symbol located in the upper corner of any Twitter page. From the drop-down menu, choose Settings.

how to make twitter public

Step 2

how to make twitter public

Locate the Security and Privacy menu item on the screen‘s left side and click on it.

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Step 3

how to make twitter public

To deactivate Protect My Tweets, go to the Privacy area and, if required, scroll down to that section.

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how to make twitter public

Find the “Save Changes” button at the very bottom of the page and click on it. If Twitter asks for your password before saving your changes, enter it.

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