How to Hide Photos on iPhone?

how to hide photos on iphone

The majority of individuals have at least a few photos on their phones that they wish to keep private. In an era of celebrity photo hacks and enormous data breaches, privacy protection is of the utmost importance. There are numerous secure methods for hiding photographs on an iPhone.

How to Hide Photos Using the iPhone’s Photos App

how to hide photos on iphone

The Photos application that comes preinstalled on every iPhone (and iPod touch and iPad) includes tools for hiding photos. Follow these steps to conceal a photo on your iPhone using the Photos app:

  1. To launch the Photos app, tap its icon.
  2. Tap the photo you wish to conceal after locating it. Additionally, you can select multiple images by selecting Select First.
  3. Tap the Action icon (the square with a directional arrow emanating from it).
  4. If you’re using iOS 13 or iOS 14, swipe up on the options list at the bottom of the screen and select Hide. Swipe across the bottom row of options and select Hide if you’re using iOS 12.
  5. Tap Hide Photo on the confirmation display. The photograph vanishes.

How to View or Unhide Hidden iPhone Photos

You now possess a concealed photograph. Follow these methods to view or unhide photos that are hidden:

  1. Launch the Photos app and select Albums.
  2. Tap Hidden in the section containing Other Albums.
  3. To select the photo you wish to unhide, tap it.
  4. Select the Action button.
  5. If you’re using iOS 13 or iOS 14, swipe up on the list of options at the bottom of the screen until the Unhide option appears. Swipe across the bottom row of options in iOS 12 until you see Unhide.
  6. Tap Unhide.

There is no confirmation screen for the Unhide action, but the photo is returned to its original Photos album where it can be viewed once more.

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