Google Fi full-service plan subscribers can get eye-catching discount deals for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

According to the latest news, new and existing customers of Google Fi can get a discount of $400 on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. It will be a significant discount considering its price tag of $999.

However, as expected, there are a few caveats, and you have to purchase the phone first and keep it on a Fi plan for 30 days before you can get the discount. The discount will be available in the form of a bill credit. Now, if you are an existing Fi subscriber and you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 then this deal makes a lot of sense.

If you are an existing subscriber of Google Fi full-service plans then you can buy the phone at and activate it on your plan. Note that this is not valid for any other plans like data-only plans.

On the other hand, new Fi subscribers would have to activate the phone on a new full-service plan and transfer their existing phone number to Fi. Note that if you choose to get a new number on your new Fi plan then you won’t get the bill credit.

Interestingly, your purchase of the Samsung handset would also be eligible for a $150 credit to use on Samsung’s website. For this, you have to order the phone before 26th August and register it with Samsung. Adding the stacked discounts, you will save $550 on the phone.

According to Google, the Fi promotion is valid “while the promotion is live and available on the site” and the Samsung credit is valid through 9th November.

Michael Turner
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