Fan Hacks to Keep Cool: Ways to Beat the Summer Heat that Are Ingenious

fan hacks to keep cool

Do you need to fast make a fan blow cold air? Uncomfortable summer weather always comes with it, and a lot of it will have to do with static hot air that simply doesn’t seem to move at all about space. Even with the fan running, it can still seem like you’re blowing about stifling desert heat, which isn’t very cool.

Numerous essential functions, like auto shut-off and variable speeds, may be found in the top fans. However, how do you get a fan to blast chilly air when you really need it? To quickly and effectively chill a space, use these pro tips.

1. Place the Fan on The Ground

fan hacks to keep cool

Cool air always remains closer to the earth whereas hot air constantly rises. In comparison to placing it on a desk or table, placing your fan on the floor will increase the likelihood that it will blow cooler air.

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2. Test out The Water Bottle Trick

This hack has been used innumerable times by the author; it is effective. Simply take a tub or bucket, fill it with ice-cold water (and add ice to keep it cold), and place some ice-cold water bottles inside the tub or bucket. The fan should then be pointed at the bucket holding the water bottles. The fan will then circulate cooled air throughout your space as a result.

3. Doing Wash? Dry It by Air and Direct the Fan at It

fan hacks to keep cool

A heatwave has the advantage that you can temporarily stop using your tumble dryer. Inside your house, your clothing will dry quickly enough, and you may utilize the laundry to cool down your fan. To create colder air, simply point the fan at the clothes that is drying. If you’re washing bulky items like beds and towels, it’s even better.

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4. Movement of Your Fan Outside the Windows

Even though it might seem contradictory, aiming your fan outside rather than into your room will help you chill the area more effectively. It is advisable to open two windows and position a fan so that it is blowing air out of one of the windows, advises Chris Michael, managing director of air treatment firm Meaco (opens in new tab). This removes the stale air from the space while allowing fresh air to be pulled in from the other window. This instantly improves the air quality and ensures that fresh air is promptly circulated throughout the space.

5. Buy a Fan with Up-And-Down and Side-To-Side Movement.

fan hacks to keep cool

Consider using a fan with an oscillation that can move up and down and side to side to cool a room full of people all at once. By doing this, the air is distributed evenly around the room as opposed to blowing in one direction.

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Why Doesn’t My Fan Blow Cold Air?

According to Chris Michael, a fan cools you down by producing a little wind chill effect as it pushes air. If your fan isn’t producing a discernible wind chill impact, it may be underpowered for the situation. The stronger the fan, the bigger the chill effect.

A portable air conditioner is a superior option in humid, windless circumstances since it actively expels warm air and replaces it with cold air. Offices in the far east generally feature fans and air conditioning to move the cooler air.

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