Diy Hacks: Life Hacks You’ll Use Everyday

diy hacks

We weren’t so sure how creatively organizing our phone cables or repurposing cardboard boxes into new objects would actually improve our lives when the craze of discovering “life hacks” initially swept the Internet.

That is, until we gave it a shot and discovered that even the smallest things that encourage organization in a cheap, upcycling-based fashion may have a large and very helpful impact! Since then, we’ve been researching a variety of strange life hacks and cost-effective methods for storing and safeguarding the little items in our homes.

DIY Car Hacks

diy hacks

Have you ever seen those fantastic shower accessory hangers that adhere to the wall with suction so you can simply access your soap or your razor? Those are things we have at home, and we value them every day! However, we can’t help but believe that these would be really helpful pretty much anywhere that they will stick.

This is why we felt Happy Chappy Brands’ suggestion for keeping your kids entertained during long vehicle drives was such a great one! Attach the shower hangers to the window and place snacks, mini figurines, or crayons inside.

Cool Refrigerator Mods

While we’re talking about plastic organizers and how helpful they can be everywhere, we want to let you know how much we loved discovering Cheer Crank’s fridge basket concept.

We sorted our belongings exactly as you can see in the picture by purchasing the baskets we used for storage from the dollar store around the corner, which saved us time and money. Being enormous geeks, we even went one step further and added tiny labels using the label machine we gave our children for Christmas last year.

Innovative RV Modifications

diy hacks

Do you frequently keep plastic or paper plates on hand to prevent your genuine, delicate dishes from ending up on the cement patio because your family enjoys eating outside in the spring, summer, and warm fall? We too have picnic items on hand, but if we don’t keep them organized, we find that they just wind up dispersed throughout the pantry and in the way.

That’s why we thought this straightforward suggestion from Organizing Made Fun was fantastic. To keep everything organized and easily accessible, they advise utilizing a plastic magazine organizer from the dollar shop.

Simple DIY using PVC pipe

Do you reside in a small apartment with a bathroom that is so small that a towel rack hardly fits on the wall? Then, we believe we have certainly discovered a tip that will really assist you in maintaining order and ensuring that your towels genuinely dry in between showers!

Making a hinged towel rack out of PVC pipes that fits neatly behind the door is made simple by Tips for Women. The towels fit flat against the wall when it’s open, taking up no more space than the door, but you’ll have room to move them away from the wall when it’s closed.

Simple Life Hack

diy hacks

We’ve talked a lot about life hacks that include recycling items and keeping your life organized, but, believe it or not, those aren’t the only kinds of life hacks available!

Because of this, we were compelled to share with you this fantastic tip for repairing your kids’ (and perhaps your husband’s) scuffed dress shoes. Pinspired Home demonstrates using black crayons how to restore them to essentially a new condition in just a few easy steps!

DIY Dresser Modifications

We all own a lot of tank tops, so hanging them all up separately would take up far more closet space than they actually need. So you can hang them all at once using a single hanger and some shower curtain loops. an incredibly useful concept shared on Reddit.

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