Baseboard Cleaning Hacks: Time and Money Saving Baseboard Cleaning Tips

baseboard cleaning hacks

We’ve got five alternative techniques to make cleaning skirting boards even easier and more enjoyable. Cleaning skirting boards is a simple, though rather monotonous, task. Because it’s so simple to overlook the subtle small trims that cover the seam between the bottom of the wall and your flooring. The problem is that they only appear nice when they are clean.

Although they may mostly be used as shelves to display your great collection of dust, yours are truly intended to safeguard your walls. As a result of being hit by toys, toes, shoes, and other objects while doing so, they quickly become covered in smears of dirt and scuffed with marks.

How frequently should we wear skirts? I know, not our favorite job. You don’t have to do it constantly, but pay attention to your baseboards (skirting boards) when it starts to become a little bit visible, advises US-based author Melissa Maker of Clean My Space(opens in new tab).

We have some professional pointers* on how to take care of your baseboards for fuss-free, amazing outcomes so you don’t get labeled as the hostess (or host) with the least cleaning skills.

How to Simply Clean Skirting Boards

baseboard cleaning hacks

Depending on how dusty or dirty your baseboards are, there are a number of techniques you can employ.

The method is to “resist all temptation to clean them with a normal mop and run it along the bottom of the board as this will result in the dust sticking, leaving you with this gross, sticky streak of dust that will look awful and make it so obvious that you did it the wrong way,” according to Maker.

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Skirting Boards Should Be Dusted & Vacuumed

To avoid bending or kneeling, a long vacuum attachment and a feather duster are suggested. After clearing away any dust accumulation along the skirting boards with the vacuum, grab a moist duster to clean any awkward angles and places. To save cleaning time and prevent a significant buildup of dust, do this every few weeks.

Maker’s technique: “Use the vacuum’s brush attachment to swiftly brush up any dust along your boards. Take a damp microfiber cloth in one hand to quickly wipe down your baseboards (skirting boards) while holding a dry microfiber cloth in the other. This will clean your baseboards.

2. Especially Use a Skirting Board Mop

baseboard cleaning hacks

You won’t have to scrub your hands and knees thanks to this useful tool. The long-handled tool’s cleaning head was created specifically to fit into the skirting’s grooves and curves and clean them while you’re standing.

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3. Using Soap and Warm Water to Clean Skirting Boards

Warm water should be added to a bucket before adding fabric softener as “soap.” When the skirting is clean and shining, dunk a cloth or sponge into it, wring it out so it’s just moist but not wet, and use it to wipe away dirt, grime, and scuff marks. It will also smell clean. This is how you should clean your skirting every few months, or more frequently if it gets really nasty.

4. Skirting Boards Can Be Cleaned Using Tumble Dryer Sheets.

baseboard cleaning hacks

Yes, we’re referring to those sweet-smelling, papery sheets you typically mix in with your freshly laundered clothes. It’s an uncommon technique, but by using a tumble dryer sheet to wipe down the boards, you may prevent dust and other debris from adhering because the dryer sheet has an anti-static effect. To lessen dust accumulation and lengthen the intervals between cleanings, perform this every few months.

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Skirting Boards: How Is Mrs. Hinch Cleans It?

When cleaning skirting boards and woodwork, Sophie Hinchcliffe(opens in new tab) advises, “Use a capful of fabric conditioner in a washing up bowl of warm water, but make sure you Dave first to remove the dirt.”

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