Darcey Silva and Ex Georgi Rusev Admit to Hidden Hookups While She Is ‘Trying to Move On’

Darcey Silva and Ex Georgi Rusev Admit to Hidden Hookups While She Is 'Trying to Move On'

On Darcey & Stacey, Darcey Silva struggles to put her past behind her.

During Monday’s two-hour show, Darcey’s ex Georgi Rusev was once again the center of attention at Stacey and Florian Sukaj’s bachelor/bachelorette party in New York.

Michael Benz, a friend of the twins, intervened to protect Darcey when her ex-boyfriend Georgi Rusev couldn’t take his eyes off her while she danced on the stripper pole on the party bus.

“I appreciate that Michael is advocating for me,” Darcey stated. “Michael knows everything about my past with Georgi, so I believe he’s trying to protect me so nothing horrible occurs, and I’m grateful for that since all I care about is throwing the best bachelor-bachelorette party for Stacey and Florian.”

Darcey said that Georgi and Florian were “being self-centered” when they left the group to take a break outdoors, while the conflict intensified at the bar. Next, Stacey revealed that allowing Florian to invite Georgi to their forthcoming wedding and party was “the worst idea ever.”

Darcey Silva and Ex Georgi Rusev Admit to Hidden Hookups While She Is 'Trying to Move On'

Darcey and Michael attempted to ignore Georgi as they talked to her new beau Zach, but he finally inquired, “Do you have a new boyfriend or something?”

Michael remarked, “Well, she’s available.” Let her live her life as if she is not with you.

Georgi emphasized, “I care for her and I want to protect her because if she goes out with someone else, it will be a mistake.”

Georgi shoved Michael to the ground and tore his jacket when Michael urged him to back off. Following the event, Georgi acknowledged that seeing Darcey texting another man was “triggering” and that he did not appreciate how Michael treated him.

Stacey referred to the conflict as her “worst nightmare” before confronting Florian and telling him to stop defending Georgi’s acts and “sugarcoating everything.”

Stacey explained, “I just want Florian, I want my spouse by my side.” “He is pursuing Georgi, claiming that everything is good with this argument and that he is only trying to protect his friend, not his wife.”

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Darcey Silva and Ex Georgi Rusev Admit to Hidden Hookups While She Is 'Trying to Move On'

Stacey acknowledged to Florian the following morning that she was “traumatized” by the incident. He increased his defense of Georgi and placed the blame for the event on Michael.

During their night out, Stacey was also upset with Florian for not allowing her to dance on the stripper pole like Darcey. “I don’t want you to make me feel like I can’t enjoy my life,” she said.

“I adore my wife, but these are my rules,” revealed Florian in a confessional. “As the spouse, Stacey is obligated to listen to me.”

Stacey had reached her breaking point and told him, “I don’t control you and you don’t control me.” She then threw her engagement ring at him and instructed him to leave their bedroom because she wanted space.

Darcey met up with Michael to make sure he was well, and Michael advised Georgi to apologize to Stacey for ruining the evening. They agreed that both Georgi and Florian were responsible for the commotion, and Darcey said that she is concerned for the future of Stacey’s relationship.

Darcey Silva and Ex Georgi Rusev Admit to Hidden Hookups While She Is 'Trying to Move On'

Darcey stated, “I believe Stacey frequently sweeps any negative aspects of her relationship with Florian under the rug.” “She desires a picture-perfect marriage in which there are no problems, but I sense that Stacey is going through some difficult emotional issues right now, and the cracks are beginning to appear.”

After a day at the spa, Stacey’s friends shared their concerns about Florian’s domineering behavior, prompting her to question whether the foundation of their relationship was “shakier” than she had previously believed.

She shared, “I am a strong, powerful woman… I will not allow him to make me feel inferior.”

Florian informed Georgi he was wasting his time on the golf course after Georgi acknowledged he still has feelings for Darcey. Georgi then stunned his friend by revealing that he had recently slept with Darcey on a recent trip to Miami.

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Darcey Silva and Ex Georgi Rusev Admit to Hidden Hookups While She Is 'Trying to Move On'

“We get drunk and have a fantastic time,” he said.

“Can’t keep it a secret that Darcey and I hooked up in Miami a few weeks ago and nobody knew about it,” he claimed in a confessional. It gave me hope that we may get back together after hooking up with her, but now that I’m here, she’s ignoring me and we haven’t spoken. It’s quite frustrating.

The twins were devastated to find that their father, Mike, had suffered a mini-stroke upon their return to the hotel. Darcey acknowledges in a confessional that she was worried about her father’s health, stating, “My dad is everything to us, and to hear that he is struggling, slurring his words, feeling off balance, and not thinking straight is quite frightening. He has always been the strong leader of our family.”

Stacey revealed that their father’s sickness was weighing heavily on her as their wedding approached. She continued, “You know our dad is our universe. Without him, I have no idea where we’d be. I’m meant to get married in a few days, but I can’t even think about it.”

She continued, “I cannot even consider walking down the aisle without my father.”

Darcey and Georgi discussed their hookup before departing to visit their father in Connecticut. Georgi explained that they were both “weak” at the time and had wanted to keep it a secret.

“What occurred in Miami occurred in a single night,” she told him. It’s not that I don’t care, but I’m attempting to move on.

Georgi, however, felt differently about the hookup, telling cameras, “I feel upset that for Darcey this hookup doesn’t mean anything. I’m kind of feeling in a way used because if I want to hook up and I go up with anybody else… but I still love her and I was hoping we could take a step forward in our relationship between him and her.”

Stacey stated that a wedding may no longer be the best option after arriving in Miami and observing their father’s deteriorating condition. She informed her father, “It makes no sense if you’re not there to escort me down the aisle.”

Stacey stated, “I don’t really know what we’re going to do, but I do know that the wedding is just days away.” Everything was all arranged and ready to go, but I’d rather be with my father.

Stacey discovered that her father could still accompany her down the aisle if they relocated the wedding to Connecticut after speaking with him.

Stacey informed Florian that they could never have a recurrence of what occurred in New York with their new wedding plan. She added, “You were domineering and dismissive; I couldn’t be myself because you shut me down; I was unable to speak freely and be myself.”

He said, “But, the fun is limited.”

When she recommended that they attend premarital counseling, Florian expressed skepticism that it would influence him to change. He stated, “I’m not going to change; I’m going to die in this state.”

Darcey’s return to Miami was brief, but she found time to meet Zach again. She inquired whether he would be willing to attend the Connecticut wedding, and he agreed.

Zach stated, “I’m delighted to meet Darcey’s family and prove to her father and daughters that nice men do exist. The idea that Darcey’s ex-boyfriend will be attending the wedding doesn’t worry me or phase me much.” “I just don’t want any drama.”

Darcey Silva and Ex Georgi Rusev Admit to Hidden Hookups While She Is 'Trying to Move On'

When Leslie visited her apartment and inquired about Zach’s attendance at the wedding, Darcey finally disclosed her affair with Georgi, and Leslie pushed her to tell Zach.

Even if it occurred before we met, it’s not a good look to bring up the past when you’re trying to start a new relationship with someone, and I’m terrified,” Darcey admitted. I do not know how Zach will feel about this.

The episode closed with Stacey and Florian meeting in Connecticut with a new wedding officiant named Morris.

Stacey explained, “Morris is not a typical officiant; he also offers marriage counseling, so I thought this would be the perfect time to not only go through the wedding details but also assist Florian and I work on our issues.” “The only problem is that I haven’t told Florian about the counseling portion of the appointment, so I may be a little dishonest.”

Stacey stated during the discussion that communication was the most significant difficulty in her marriage, a claim Florian refuted. However, he quickly discovered that it was a therapy session and felt “tricked” by Stacey.

Florian told Stacey after the session that he has to treat her with more “respect” and committed to altering his conduct.

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