English clubs plan for British Super League in England

British Premier League
British Premier League

News from Premier League as after SIX clubs withdrew from European Super League, the association will plan for British Super League.  

SIX Premier League clubs withdrew from the proposed plans of European SUPER LEAGUE. Several fans in Chelsea, Liverpool protested against the decision of the proposed new league.

Teams like Man United, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea; all teams admitted their mistake in involving themselves with other rich clubs to make themselves richer.

Along with fans, football players also displayed messages in their shirts, while warming up before Premier League games.

Premier League restructure plans with Project Big Picture

Premier League management and Football Association of England plans to bring massive changes in their domestic football.

They want to change their revenue model and increase the income while making several changes in their footballing structure. They have a plan to introducing Women football at the Superior level, which will attract sponsorships and increase branding.

British Super League
Celtic and Rangers wanted to be part of secretly planned ‘British Super League’

The League also have in mind, to abolish FA Cup and Community Shield. And introduce a new system of 18 teams in the Premier League and 24 teams in sub-ordinate leagues.

The changes might make space for more European football, as UEFA planning to extend their format as well; from 32 teams to 36 or even 48 teams.

Involving Scottish Champions in English Football

UEFA have presented FIVE slots to Scottish Premiership clubs in their THREE Competitions; namely Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference league.

And hence, Project Big Picture might plan to include top teams from Scottish Premiership to play in Premier League.


The Football association knows that United Kingdom Government won’t object the plan. And this will help Scottish clubs to attract Business in their clubs, and also earn a clear chance to seal their place in UEFA Champions League.

Real Madrid president Fiorentino Perez and Barcelona President Joan Laporta will make more critical research; on making European Super League, overall success in Europe.

Hence, Premier League Management will also try to keep a window by making their teams play lesser football, as compared to now.