Football Today: Big clubs focus on young talents and Managers lately

Football Today
Football Today

Big football clubs growing intolerant these days with more focus on changing Managers along with their reliance upon young talents for academy.

The football market has certainly grown a lot bigger than how it used to be in the classic days. With the increase in the application of technology, medical treatments, scouting networks, the game has turned its path.

Football and its Market’

Football has turned into a big business house as well. Some clubs follow the path of buying top players and winning top competitions. Whereas few clubs aim to create top promising players for other teams to buy.

Growing in tolerance regarding Managers

From Man United, Arsenal keeping their managers for nearly or more than two decades; to Juventus, Barcelona, Chelsea saw 3 managers within a span of 2-3 years.

Managing top and big teams make the managers carry an extra burden on keeping up with contract promises. Juventus sacked Pirlo even after they won Coppa Italia.

Keeping a trust on the manager is certainly important to grow the team as a unit. Even the manager requires some time to have complete control on the team, while mending his own mistakes.  

Football Today
the future of football is bright because ultimately it is the manager who orchestrates the play

Young talents from the academy during the Financial crisis

Top clubs, who turned into big business houses, gone through tough time during the pandemic. Closure of stadiums and in-situ businesses has imparted a major impact on their financial status.

Hence, all clubs fell back on to their academy to bring up talents. And even sign interesting talents at an early age to polish them at their academy and use them in the first team.

This strategy has helped them financially, as well as exploring new possibilities.