Arnold Schwarzenegger Asserts that James Cameron’s ‘Terminator’ Movies Accurately Predicted the Future: “it Is Now a Fact”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Asserts that James Cameron's 'terminator' Movies Accurately Predicted the Future: "it Is Now a Fact"

Arnold Schwarzenegger is amazed by the ingenuity of the Terminator films.

At An Evening with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the 75-year-old actor praised the franchise’s writer and director James Cameron, stating that the future of artificial intelligence prophesied in the films has “become a reality.”

“Today, everyone is afraid of it and where it’s headed,” Schwarzenegger stated in reference to current AI concerns. “And in this film, Terminator, we discuss machines becoming self-aware and seizing control,”

The actor praised the “brilliance of writing” in the 1984 sci-fi film, in which he starred as a cyborg assassin, because “at the time, we had barely touched the surface of AI, artificial intelligence. Consider the above.”

“Over the span of several decades, it has become a reality. No longer is it fantastical or somewhat futuristic. Today, it exists. And so, this is the extraordinary writing of Jim Cameron,” Schwarzenegger continued, promoting his limited edition TASCHEN photo book during his on-stage conversation.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Asserts that James Cameron's 'terminator' Movies Accurately Predicted the Future: "it Is Now a Fact"

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The former bodybuilder added of Cameron, 68, “He’s just such an extraordinary writer and he’s such an incredible director; this is yet another instance where I wish I could claim credit for this film. I can only claim credit for the role I played and how I played the role. This character, however, was conceived by him. He has written it so well, he has written the movie so well, and that is why he is, you know, the world’s best director.”

Cameron persuaded Schwarzenegger to say the iconic phrase “I’ll be back” from the action franchise last month.

“[James] Cameron and I were debating how to deliver the line because I did not feel comfortable saying ‘I’ll’ ” During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Schwarzenegger recalled their discussion. “I stated, ‘I believe ‘I will return’ is a stronger statement’ ”

According to the former California governor, Cameron responded, “Are you the screenwriter now?” There is only one phrase. Do not give me writing advice. I will not tell you how to behave.” Schwarzenegger stated that he fired back at Cameron by stating that Cameron taught him how to behave “every f—— minute!”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Asserts that James Cameron's 'terminator' Movies Accurately Predicted the Future: "it Is Now a Fact"

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Cameron, who has also directed Titanic and Avatar, explained himself in a different way. “Arnold, it sounds strange to you. Not at all. You sound different from me and Charlie over there, which is a wonderful quality. It works because of this.”

“Just say it ten times,” he instructed him. Use various wordings. I will continue to record footage. Then we will decide.”

“So they set it up, and I say, ‘(Flatly) I’ll be back…'” I will definitely return! … (guttural) I’ll beeee baaaack …’ ” Schwarzenegger recounted. It sounded foolish.

Fans, however, believed the famous line was far from stupid, and its popularity was almost instantaneous. “The film will be released. I am at Central Park. “This guy walks up to me and says, ‘Say the line!'” he told THR.

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