Apple Car will use AR for HUD to warn drivers

Previous reports suggested Apple was researching on how a heads up display (HUD) could project information onto the “Apple Car” windshield. Now, according to the latest news, Apple is examining about information and when to display it.

As of now, in certain countries, Siri will warns through slightly different messages when you exceed the speed limit. It displays, “please watch your speed” when you are over the local limit. HUD integration will make it more prominent.

As per the patent, this will make you pay attention to important information. Interestingly, the patent is also concerned with some other details that you can’s see. It mentions, “The augmented reality display can include display elements which indicate a position of environmental objects which are obscured from direct perception.”

Apple Car will use AR for HUD to warn drivers
Apple Car will use AR for HUD to warn drivers

In simple words, when a truck is positioned just right to your car and when you can’t see an off-ramp or road sign, the HUD would save you by using AR. Through AR, HUD will show you this.

More or less, most part of the patent describes how to help the driver but at the same time, it does cover elements of driverless navigation.

It says, “In some embodiments, the [Vehicle Navigation System (VNS)] can autonomously control one or more vehicle control elements… to cause the vehicle to be autonomously navigated along one or more driving routes through the environment.”

This patent is credited to as many as three inventors. One of them is Karlin Y. Bark. It is worth mention that previously, Bark patented AirPods for detecting gestures.

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