Adam Demos Gets Awkwardly Honest Reaction from His Mom to His Racy Scenes in ‘Sex/Life’

Adam Demos tells PEOPLE about his love scenes in Netflix’s Sex/Life: “It’s not pleasant watching for Mom, but she’ll still fight through just because she wants to support me.”

Even if his mother’s experience seeing his program Sex/Life wasn’t the best, Adam Demos is really proud of it.

The popular Netflix series’ hotly contested sequences between Brad Simon, played by the actor, and Billie Connelly, played by Sarah Shahi, are not always something his mother can watch, the 37-year-old actor exclusively reveals to PEOPLE.

“She is really proud of her status as the best person ever. really proud, “About his mother Lindy, Demos adds. “She loves to see everything I do, but with this show, she covers her eyes with her hands about half the time while still watching. She then tries to cover her ears.”

And while it’s not enjoyable for Mom to see, she will still put up with it out of love for me, he continues. Yet she finds it difficult.

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After viewing the second season of Sex/Life, which debuted on Thursday and shows Brad and Billie navigating new waters in their relationship, Demos’ mother probably covered her eyes more than once.

“I brought a ring to you six months ago. You refused, and it’s too late now “In the season two teaser, Brad states.

He continues, “I can’t believe this is where we are.

The first season of the show, which debuted in June 2021, follows stay-at-home wife and mother Billie, whose relaxed suburban existence is disrupted by flashbacks to her carefree pre-marriage life and her sexual encounters with her ex-boyfriend Brad.

She starts to wonder if she was actually content in her new stage of life with her husband Cooper before starting an affair with Brad after becoming a mother and leaving the bustle of the city for the peace of Connecticut.

After reconciling with Cooper in the first season’s cliffhanger, Billie ran back to Brad in the hopes of reigniting their passionate relationship.

Demos expressed optimism that viewers will keep watching the show despite its current success so that he could continue presenting Brad’s tale over the course of many seasons.

Demos believes that season 1’s success was the result of chance. I’d want to play these characters for a lot longer, so I hope they like season 2 as much as they did for the first one.

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Sex/ Life season 2 is currently available on Netflix.

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