Adam Demos on Finding Love On and Off-Screen with Sex/Life Co-Star Sarah Shahi

Adam Demos on Why He Loves Girlfriend and Sex/Life Costar Sarah Shahi

Shahi is Demos’ “favourite person in the world,” and their collaboration on Sex/Life is “a dream come true,” he tells PEOPLE.

Adam Demos discusses his favourite aspects of Sarah Shahi, his co-star in the Sex/Life film.

While promoting the second season of the popular Netflix series, the 37-year-old actor shared three reasons why he adores Shahi on Thursday’s episode of PEOPLE in 10.

“her innermost being. It comes first and foremost,” he said, recognising the host Makho Ndlovu’s compassion.”

Adam Demos on Why He Loves Girlfriend and Sex/Life Costar Sarah Shahi

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He was unable to pick just one quality about Shahi for his ultimate decision, saying, “Everything is it. Can the third thing fulfil all needs? She has my utmost admiration, so that would be the third reason—everything. She is amazing in every way, in my opinion.”

Shahi, 43, was characterised as “stunningly attractive” by Ndlovu, and Demos couldn’t help but concur.

“She is divine. It is absurd, “said he. “But, if she didn’t have what was going on in her soul, she would not have been able to appear the way she did. Fortunately, everything came together. Well, I am undoubtedly fortunate.”

Adam Demos on Why He Loves Girlfriend and Sex/Life Costar Sarah Shahi

Shahi was described as “my favourite person in the world” by Demos in a different interview with PEOPLE.

The more time I can spend with her in general since I love her so much, the better my life will be, he said.

In co-creating the popular Netflix series, Demos said that Shahi was “very inspiring” and that she “brings a terrific vibe to have on set.”

We both decided to pursue this strange industry and job, he said. “We are quite fortunate to work there, but occasionally you have to be away for a little longer than you’d want. It is thus a dream come true to be able to work, to be hired on a very wonderful programme, while also working together.”


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When questioned on PEOPLE in 10 about their most recent romantic outing, Demos said that the two like going on casual outings together.

We took the dogs on a lovely little trek yesterday, he added. “Is that sentimental? It doesn’t really matter where you are when you can merely connect for a little period of time. Just maintaining tabs on each other’s progress and keeping your check-in is all that’s required.”

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Netflix has started streaming Sex/Life season 2.

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