WhatsApp is developing a chat history transfer feature between iOS to Android as part of its ‘Switch to Android’ program

According to the latest news, WhatsApp is developing its app in such that users can transfer their chat histories from iOS to Android. The story was first published by WABetaInfo and 9to5Google.

According to the reports, the feature would fix one of the biggest annoyances of WhatsApp that is a backup of messages is not officially transferable between iPhone and Android. WhatsApp has been working on this feature since at least April.

WABetaInfo shared a couple of screenshots. One of them shows a new “Move chats to Android” option in WhatsApp’s iOS app while another screenshot shows a screen prompting users to keep their iPhone unlocked with WhatsApp open while the transfer is taking place. From this, it is clear that the iOS to Android transfer feature would be available soon. Interestingly, WABetaInfo has previously reported that the opposite which means transfer from Android to iOS would also be possible.

According to the XDA Developers report, WhatsApp’s new transfer tool could form part of a new “Switch to Android” iOS app under development in Google. This is quite similar to the “Move to iOS” app that Apple offers to help users migrate from Android to iOS.

This news has come at a time when WhatsApp is beta testing multi-device support with the help of which users can converse from multiple devices without needing to route everything through a single phone.

The WABetaInfo has also report conveys WhatsApp is also working for a phone number transfer feature. As of now, it is not clear what features it is going to come with. Since the company is testing beta versions and is already developing the features since April, we can expect some announcements from the company soon.

Michael Turner
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