The Best Way to Learn Spanish: Online Tutoring

The Best Way to Learn Spanish: Online Tutoring

Learning a foreign language is important from every perspective. It will improve your communication skills and help you learn many new topics. A polyglot is treated with respect and is seen as an intelligent person in our society. There are many languages you can learn for your needs. One of them is Spanish. It is the official language of 20 countries, including Spain and Mexico. There are about 475 million people around the globe who speak Spanish in their daily life. 

The main problem people face while learning a new language is the tutor. Tutors are sometimes hard to find, so many people give up on their dreams. But there are many easy ways to learn a foreign language. One of them is AmazingTalker.With AmazingTalker, you can connect with one-on-one native Spanish tutors that can help you improve your Spanish, and also typo can find a variety of tutors like English Tutors and more at AmazingTalker!

Spanish letters

The first thing you need to learn to speak Spanish is to learn Spanish letters. Just like any other language, Spanish has different letters, but they are slightly related to English. There are a total of 27 unique Spanish letters. The rest of the letters are a mix of a few letters. The interesting thing is that Spanish alphabets have 26 English alphabets. But they sound different in Spanish. However, it will be easier for you to learn Spanish letters if you know English well. Now we will show you these Spanish letters and how they sound and how they are pronounced.





D – de




H – hache

I – I





M – eme

N – ene

Ñ – eñe

O – o









W-uve duo




If you know English, it will be easier for you to learn these letters. because most of them sound similar.

Why online

There are many ways of learning Spanish. You can learn in person and also learn online. Learning online is the best option for every language compared to learning from a person. It might sound hard to learn online, but it is easier once you start. Learning from a person has many cons. When you learn from a person, you will only know the things that he teaches. There are many sides to a language, and it is important to learn every part. When you learn online, they have multiple teachers who are experts in different parts, so you can learn more this way. Learning from a person, you will need fixed time tables. If you are working, it will be hard for you to spare some extra time to learn. But online learning platforms do not have this problem. There are videos you can download and watch later when you are free. If you need person-to-person teaching, it is also possible on online platforms.


Learning basically has two types, one-on-one, and group learning. One on one means learning from someone at a time. And learning in a group means learning with many students at one time. One on one is good, but not the best method of learning. With this method, you can learn but you will not be able to practice. When you learn in groups, you feel like one big family. Learning in groups is a good way of interacting with people of the same taste. You can practice with them whenever you want, and it will strengthen the bond between you. Also, when you study alone, it is up to you how much you want to study. But when you learn in a group, you can not leave unless everyone agrees, and it is a faster way of learning any topic. And learning in an online group is fun. There will be people around the globe learning the same language. You can learn about other people’s history and culture just by learning in a group.


Online learning is a great invention. It has increased people’s interest in learning new skills and languages. There is a reason why online learning platforms are so popular right now. The reason is problems with learning physically and alone. Learning physically in a one-on-one class is time-consuming. It is nearly impossible for those who have jobs to have this extra time to invest. Learning online is a time saver. You can learn whenever you want. Anyone can do it when they are in bed and having breakfast. If you want to learn a new language, you can visit AmazingTalker. It is an online learning platform that has expert tutors around the globe. You can join their Spanish classes to learn faster and easier.