The Best Free Online Resources You’ll Need at College

The Best Free Online Resources You'll Need at College
The Best Free Online Resources You'll Need at College

Students usually have lots of assignments to complete. The deadline is tight, so they have to invest a lot of time in each phase of the process. You have to research, take notes, organize them, write, and make sure you deliver a mistake-free paper. 

But this can start feeling like a burden, especially when you are in a rush. To cope with all the phases of writing essays and assignments, you can use some free online resources and get cheap essays and well-written papers. They will make your college life easier by helping you solve rapidly some of the issues you might encounter. 


College life is hectic. Everyone talks about the importance of completing your assignments by the deadline and studying for exams. But no one talks about the stress and anxiety that come with it. Students might avoid taking breaks when their agenda is already crammed up with academic assignments. Which can lead to burnout and exhaustion. 

Eduzaurus is a writing company with a large team of experienced writers. They commit to helping students pursue their academic goals. Writing an essay might feel challenging, but with the help of Eduzaurus, you can nail it. You can go to Eduzaurus for free essay samples and learn how to write a compelling essay. The help you get from them is tremendous and it is one of the resources you’ll need at college. If you are an international student, they can help you accustom to the local essay requirements and writing style. 


Everyone has heard about the famous TED Talks where scientists, researchers, actors, therapists, and everyone who has something to tell the audience speaks. They also have a smaller niche that is focused on delivering information in an easier-to-digest way: through animations. 

Every question you might have about the world or specific topics such as economics, politics, history, chemistry, and so on, you will find answered in a Ted-Ed video. Complex information is conveyed such that everyone can understand it. And they are well-researched. 


Sometimes you might be in a rush. Not having enough time to write the essay will make you cram all the steps in the available time. You might even skip some of them, such as the editing and proofreading one. But these are essential and they can ensure the success of your paper. 

You can use Grammarly to check your paper for mistakes before delivering it. Even though there is a premium option available, the free one has the functionalities you need. Your paper is checked for grammar and spelling mistakes. At the same time, it comes with suggestions on how to make your essay more concise and clearer. 

Hemingway App 

The Hemingway App is a nice free tool that helps you identify the sentences that are too difficult to read. It is web-based, so all you need is to copy-paste the text and analyze the results. The tool is so easy to use and it will boost your writing skills tremendously. Something you need during college. You will see that some words and sentences will be color-coded. 

There is a code of colors that tells you more about those sentences and how to replace them. The Hemingway App helps you express your ideas clearly and smoothly. However, you should know that the algorithm analyzes your text based on the writing style of Ernest Hemingway. Which has short sentences and simple words. 

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is one of the best tools you will find out there. And it’s completely free. When you write your essays, case studies, lab reports, or any other paper, you need to research. This is a crucial step of the process and one you cannot skip entirely. 

Many students choose to inform from sources that are not valid or do not have any authority in the domain. If you want to find studies and experiments done by scientists that have been published in specialty journals, search for them on Google Scholar. It is a nice online library where you can find books and articles you can cite in your papers. 

Final Thoughts 

Are you anxious about your college life? Well, there will be a lot of challenges along the road, but none that you can’t overcome. These free online resources will help you deliver powerful papers that have no grammar and spelling mistakes. Moreover, they will support your development process and help you boost your writing skills. 

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