South Korea offers 10x 5G download speed than the US; Taiwan offers 3x

South Korea offers 10x 5G download speed than the US; Taiwan offers 3x

Among just a handful of nations, South Korea has widely adopted 5G networking. It is one of the first countries to do so effectively. As a country, South Korea is capable of offering the true capabilities of the newer and faster telecommunication generation.

SpeedCheck reported that South Korea is the number 1 country in the world in terms of download speeds. As per the report, in some regions, the download speed accelerates up to 449 Mbps. It is the 5G median download speed in South Korea. The report is mentioning the results of tests conducted between February and March this year.

It is to be noted that the median 5G download speed in the US is just 43.4 Mbps. This is just 10 times slower than their Korean carrier counterparts. Moreover, the US also has a lower 5G penetration at only 10 percent compared to South Korea’s 20 percent.

The high download speed implies that people in South Korea are likely to have a better 5G experience, a more immersive VR/AR experience even while playing online video games. South Korea is followed up by Taiwan with a median download speed of 135.36 Mbps however that also is significantly behind the speeds offered by telecom carriers in South Korea.

Last but not the least, the above-mentioned report also did a price analysis of network cost in the US and South Korea. It was found that people in the US paid around 1.5 US Dollars per gigabyte, while South Koreans paid 2.3 US Dollars per gigabyte. The price seems to be significantly higher in South Korea than in the US but this high price is made up by the high download speed it offers.

The report concluded that price is perhaps not a constraint for US citizens if they get higher download speed.

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