Samsung becomes world’s largest chipmaker after overtaking Intel

According to the latest news, it seems, Samsung has finally managed to achieve a notable feat in the semiconductor industry. As far as the second quarter result is concerned, the South Korean tech giant is the world’s largest chipmaker in terms of revenue. Samsung has taken over long time industry leader Intel.

In the second quarter of 2021, Samsung managed to overtake Intel to become the world’s biggest chip manufacturer in terms of revenue. Analysts have faith in Samsung that the company will be able to hold the position in the near future.

In the second quarter, Samsung generated 22.74 trillion Won (roughly about 19.7 billion US Dollars) or 18.5 billion US Dollars after subtracting the contribution of a business unit that is being considered for selling. Intel held the top spot for almost three decades. Only in the years 2017 and 2018 Intel lagged behind Samsung.

Last week, Samsung reported a 54 percent year on year rise of overall operating profits. Samsung said the major factor of this performance is an increase in the price of DRAM and NAND chips due to pent up demand during the pandemic.

However, analysts feel that Intel will soon catch up as Intel is aggressively pushing forward with its ambitious project to become a leader in the foundry business.

Michael Turner
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