Intel is planning to push smaller chips to regain market share

In the last few years, Intel has lost its dominance in the PC chip market to AMD. Now, Intel is aggressively pushing for smaller chips in order to catch up with its rival.

According to an Engadget report, Intel is planning to pull ahead in the race by making smaller chips. Intel wants to push 4 nm, 3 nm, and 1.8 nm chips by the year 2025. As of now, Intel’s 10 nm “Enhanced Superfin” process is being renamed to “7 nm” despite it not being a true 7 nm chip. It is to be noted that Intel has struggled to move past the 10 nm process for years now. In the meanwhile, AMD has already launched its 7 nm chips.

It is true that Intel has still managed to remain competitive in the market but in order to still be in the market, shrinking the chip size will be an essential move going forward to keep up with its rival’s performance and power efficiency.

Recently, Intel has mapped out its plans for EUV based 3 nm node dubbed 20A (angstrom node). It utilizes high energy manufacturing process to streamline chip production. The company is planning to start the production of the 1.8 nm process called 18A by 2025.

This plan shows Intel’s aggressive schedule to make up for the lost ground.

Michael Turner
Michael Turner is an environmental activist with broad, deep experience in print and online writing, publication and site management, news coverage, and editorial team management.