Miranda Cosgrove Recalls Embarrassing ‘iCarly’ Episode in Which Her Bra Insert Fell out During Filming (Exclusive)

Miranda Cosgrove Recalls Embarrassing 'iCarly' Episode in Which Her Bra Insert Fell out During Filming (exclusive)

Miranda Cosgrove recalls a relatable but “extremely humiliating” incident from her adolescence.

The 30-year-old actress tells PEOPLE that while filming the original iCarly series, she had a mishap involving a chicken cutlet bra insert.

“When I was approximately 13 years old, I had to leap on a trampoline for a web show. “At the time, I stuffed something into my bra because I wanted to appear to have larger breasts,” the Despicable Me actress recalls. “As I jumped on the trampoline, one of them escaped. It was something so trivial that I cannot even recall what it was. It was a cutlet or something small… They shouted “Cut!” as it flew through the air. And nobody knew exactly what transpired. I knew, obviously.”

Subsequently, Cosgrove was “running around looking for it.” However, her co-stars were also investigating the situation to determine what had actually transpired.

“I discovered it, and I believe I placed it in my pocket or some other location. And Nathan [Kress] continued to ask, “What was that? What was moving through the air? What happened?’ “He would not let it go because he wanted to figure out what it was, but he had no idea,” she continues. “And I believe Jennette [McCurdy] was aware. I feel like she was like, ‘Oh, God.’ But it was so humiliating that I will never forget it.”

Miranda Cosgrove Recalls Embarrassing 'iCarly' Episode in Which Her Bra Insert Fell out During Filming (exclusive)

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It wasn’t until roughly “six months ago” that the “Kissin U” singer brought it up with Kress, 30, and revealed what had actually transpired.

“As I told Nathan the story, he responded, ‘I have no notion what you’re talking about. “I don’t recall saying that,” she recalls. “However, it was one of my most humiliating experiences on set… A crew of people and a chicken breast soaring through the air was not my finest hour.

iCarly broadcast on Nickelodeon for five seasons between 2007 and 2012. In June 2021, several years after the conclusion of the popular series, Paramount+ premiered the iCarly revival starring the majority of the original cast.

The third season of the new version, in which Cosgrove’s Carly Shay navigates adulthood after becoming a social media phenomenon as a teenager, is currently airing.

Miranda Cosgrove Recalls Embarrassing 'iCarly' Episode in Which Her Bra Insert Fell out During Filming (exclusive)

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Stepping back into the role was comfortable for Cosgrove, who believes she is “very similar to the character Carly in real life.”

There aren’t many distinctions between her and me. However, I believe she is even more optimistic and charitable than I am,” she says. “I believe that when she meets people and if someone does something evil to her, she tries for a long time to believe that they’re good and not that bad until she eventually realizes the truth and turns. Therefore, she is even more upbeat.”

In teasing what’s to come on the revival, the School of Rock actress alludes to a significant event in the upcoming season finale. “I am eager for viewers to see the remainder of the third season. She reveals, “I think the finale episode will really shock people because there is a question people have been asking since the beginning of the show that has never really been answered.” “This question is answered in the conclusion.”

Cosgrove also expresses “hope” that the story will continue beyond season 3. She adds, “I don’t even know if there will be a fourth, so I’m waiting to see what happens.”

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