Best Tips and Tricks for Android Messages for Web

Google Messages for online, a tool that enables text messaging from any online browser, was unveiled earlier this week. The website is currently operational, but before you can use it, the Android Messages app has to be updated.

To utilize Messages for web, you’ll need to use Android Messages instead of Samsung’s Messages app for Galaxy users.

Setup Is a Breeze

Really, you are already ready to connect your phone’s Messages app to your web browser if you have ever scanned a QR code.

Open your browser on a PC, then type into the address box. Open the Messages app on your phone, hit the menu button in the top-right corner, and choose Messages for web > Scan QR Code. Scan the QR code on the screen of your computer using your camera.

The Messages app on your phone is now connected to your PC after a few seconds. Simple peasy.

Remember This Computer

The connection procedure does not need to be completed each time you wish to utilize Messages for Web. Alternatively, you may set your browser to remember this computer by toggling the button underneath the QR code, which will save the link for you the next time you visit the website.

If you missed the button during setup, you may click the menu icon right above the New discussion button in the web app > Settings > Remember this computer, or you can click the prompt just above your discussion threads.

You can remotely log out, so don’t fret if you’re concerned about someone else using the same computer and seeing your messages (more on that in a minute).

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Handy Reminder

A persistent notification alerting you to Messages being used elsewhere will appear on your Android smartphone while you are actively using Messages for web. You may access the settings page of the app immediately by opening the notice.

My personal testing suggests that the notice only appears when someone is really using the Messages webpage. Your phone’s warning vanishes if you or anybody else opens another tab.

Remotely Log Out

You may use your phone to log out of any computer connected to your account, even if you forgot to do so when using the Messages app on a computer.

Use the reminder notification we just spoke about, or launch the Messages app, pick Messages for web from the menu, to log out.

A list of all the PCs that are currently connected to your account may be seen there. To disconnect from a computer, either tap the “X” next to it or choose Sign out all computers at the bottom of the screen.

Drag and Drop

Do you have a lovely assortment of GIFs stored on your computer? They are easy to drag and drop right into a conversation. Word and PDF documents cannot be shared, however picture and video formats appear to be compatible.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

You may browse a list of keyboard shortcuts for Messages on the web by simultaneously pressing Shift and the “/” key.

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