Best MEE6 Discord Bot Commands List of 2023

mee6 music commands

An whole new bot designed to carry out a certain task on a Discord server appears nearly daily. The use of a large number of bots can be a major pain for Discord server administrators. Rhythm, Groovy, and any other bot you can think of won’t be needed in these instances when the multi-functional MEE6 comes into play.

When it comes to managing Discord servers, MEE6 can have a significant impact. Automated messages are displayed, music is played, members are dealt with, responsibilities are assigned, statistics are generated, polls may be created for certain themes, etc.

Features of MEE6 Bot Commands include:

1. You may manage members’ assigned responsibilities, issue crucial notifications, automate communications, keep members informed about current and future activities, and more using custom commands.

2. Your Discord server may be protected against annoying ads, malicious links, upsetting material, profanity, and more with the aid of the MEE6 bot moderation system. Banning, muting, or kicking problematic members may be easily configured.

3. Members may earn points by guessing the song and artist’s name in challenges. Without having to learn any sophisticated instructions, the MEE6 interface allows you to immediately search for your preferred music.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of knowledge, the majority of users are unable to fully utilize the MEE6 bot. As a result, we have compiled a list of top MEE6 commands for everyone using Discord.

Best MEE6 Commands List for Discord 2023

mee6 music commands

1. Instructions for Moderation

To remove an obnoxious user from your Discord server, you may use the command!ban @username.

To temporarily ban a user from your Discord server for a specific amount of time, you may use the command! tempban @username duration.

You may momentarily silence a specific user on your Discord server using the following command:!tempmute @username.

Attention, username! – Users are cautioned by this instruction. Additionally, you have the option to provide an explanation as to why the person is being warned. If you’re using the leveling system, a user’s ranking will decline after a series of warnings.

To view a member’s complete history of infractions, use the following command:!infractions @username. Information like bans, warnings, and the ability to mute is shown.

!username_clear_all_infractions – You can use this command to erase all of a member’s transgressions.

To remove a specific user from your Discord server, you may use the command!kick @username.

2. Birthday Commands.

You may see a user’s birthday by using the following command:!birthday @username.

You may add your birthday with the command! remember-birthday [date]. You can only use the YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD format for the date.

do not forget the birthday — Your birthdate can be removed using this command.

Use the command! set-user-birthday @username to add the birthdate of a single member.

! Next-birthday shows the Discord server members’ birthdays for the next ten.

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3. Music Commands.

The command “!play [URL]” will initiate the playback of the music file located at the URL you provided.

The command to initiate a queue is! queue.

After you’ve created a queue, you may add music to it using the command! add [URL].

You may make a vote to skip the song with the! vote-skip command in MEE6.

begin-test – To instantly begin a music-based quiz on your channel, use this command.

4. Message Commands.

To activate slow mode for the specified duration, use the! slow-mode command. With a 20-second timer, for example, users will be required to wait 20 seconds before sending a new message.

Remove an unlimited amount of messages from your Discord server using the! clear command.

5. Level Commands

@username, “!give-xp” — The specified user’s point total is increased by this command.

the user’s username The specified user will have their points deducted by this command.

!rps – To earn coins while playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Get your server’s leaderboard using the! level command.

With the! richest command, you may see which Discord user has the most wealth on your server.

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Use the aforementioned obscure instructions to their maximum extent if you’re managing data with the MEE6 bot on your Discord server. Post a comment below if you are aware of any such helpful MEE6 command for Discord users.

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