Maya Vander Is Pregnant Again After Experiencing a Late-Term Miscarriage!

Maya Vander Is Pregnant Again After Experiencing a Late-Term Miscarriage!

Maya Vander, an actress known for her role in Selling Sunset, is ecstatic about a fantastic development.

A source has verified to PEOPLE that 39-year-old Vander is pregnant. Almost a year and a half have passed since she announced the devastating news that she had lost a pregnancy at 38 weeks in December 2021.

Yesterday was the most difficult day of my life. At 38 weeks, a stillbirth occurred. Vander wrote on Instagram that month, “I’ve always heard of it, but I never imagined I’d become a statistic.” “Rather than delivering a baby, I get to take home a memento box… I would never inflict this upon anyone.”

“What was supposed to be a routine weekly checkup turned into a nightmare I never imagined would occur,” she added. “Because I discuss my pregnancies on the program, I knew I had to post about this in order to avoid the ‘when is your due date?’ query. You will forever remain in our hearts, Mason.”

Maya Vander Is Pregnant Again After Experiencing a Late-Term Miscarriage!

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In June 2022, six months after her stillbirth, she revealed that she had miscarried.

Vander, who is the mother of elder children Aiden and Elle, revealed several months later that she learned her son’s death was a “freak accident” after she and her husband David Miller were left in the dark for weeks.

“We received the autopsy report,” she stated. “It was merely an unfortunate accident involving the umbilical cord and some ingested placenta.”

She added that her “incredible” husband and children were instrumental in assisting her in overcoming her suffering: “My children are wonderful. They keep me going, I’m occupied with work, and I don’t have time to sit and cry all day.”

The real estate agent did note, however, that despite feeling “very fortunate” to be rearing “two beautiful children,” she still hoped to have another child.

“I believe becoming pregnant again is part of the healing process,” she said. “I hope I will, but we’ll see.”

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