LG will release Mini LED TVs in the US from July onwards

According to the latest news, LG has announced that its new range of Mini LED TVs with “QNED” branding will hit sales next month. The lineup consists of three sets: the 8K QNED99, the 8K QNED95, and the 4K QNED90. The lineup will come in a size ranging from 65 to 86 inches. LG said the TVs will launch first in North America. Additional regions will be followed up “in the weeks ahead.”

Mini LED uses a unique kind of display technology that uses an array of thousands of tiny LEDs as a screen’s backlight. In the 86 inch QNED99, there are 30000 such LEDs. The LEDs can create a sharper contrast between light and dark areas of an image.

LG will release Mini LED TVs in the US from July onwards
LG will release Mini LED TVs in the US from July onwards

According to LG, this technology has been previously tried out by some TVs from TCL. Apple also tried it in its latest 12.9 inches iPad Pro. It provides a “10 times better contrast ratio” than normal LCD TVs. However, these Mini LEDs should not be confused with Samsung’s Micro LEDs just because they also use an array of tiny LEDs without the need for an LCD layer.

LG is marketing Mini LED as a “giant leap forward in LCD TV picture quality” however, the technology is not beyond OLED TV. In an OLED TV, individual pixels illuminate to create an image.

LG is still listing the upcoming TVs as “coming soon”. The company is yet to specify the price of the TVs. According to a report from FlatPanelsHD, these televisions are unlikely to come cheap. As per the report, the 8K QNED99 might come with a price tag of around $5,000 for the 75 inches model and it might rise to $8,000 for the 86 inches model. Similarly, the 4K QNED90 will cost around $4,000 for the 86 inches model.

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