Legendary Celtic players we will always love

Legendary Celtic players we will always love

Celtic is much more than just a football team. They have Celtic have 9 million passionate and loyal fans and are one of the only 5 clubs in the world to have won over 100 titles in their history. With such an incredible fanbase, and being one of the most popular and biggest clubs in Scotland, you can only imagine the incredible atmosphere in the stadiums they play in.  This is especially the case when playing in their home stadium – Celtic Park. In addition, we cannot forget the legendary players that made Celtic what it is today. They have contributed towards the growth of the club and its fanbase. In light of this, here are 5 of the most legendary Celtic players we will never forget.

Henrik Larsson

Henrik Larson was only 26 when he joined Celtic in 1997. Seven years later, when he left, Larsson was already one of the greatest Celtic players to ever play for the badge. There was a reason behind this. While at Celtic, he scored 242 goals in 315 appearances. His goals for the club still make him the third highest goal scorer in Celtic history. To date, Larsson credits his success to Celtic, and that’s why his fans love him.

Kenny Dalglish

When talking about Dalglish, the most appropriate word we can use to describe him is remarkable. In his entire career, he scored 167 goals in 320 appearances. Dalglish crossed several milestones while at Celtic. This includes winning four Scottish Cups, four league titles, and even captaining them. Apart from his ability and skills, he will always be remembered for his beaming smile after scoring a goal.

Billy McNeill

The greatest captain the Hoops ever had, Billy McNeill was a player, manager and an ambassador for the Celtics. He will always be a Celtic man. McNeill made a record 790 appearances for Celtic, and during his career he won 29 international caps for himself. McNeill’s golden moment came in 1967, when he led his side to the European Cup Final victory vs Inter Milan.

Legendary Celtic players we will always love

Paul McStay

McStay has had Celtic blood ever since he was born in 1964. His great uncles and brothers had played for Celtic, leaving him no option but to continue this tradition. McStay signed up with Celtic early on in his career, with his first match against Queen of the South. Celtic won that match 4-0, and this began McStay’s career.

Jimmy McGrory

Jimmy McGrory set many football records with his speed and skill. He even scored more goals than he played games for the Hoops – 468 goals in 445 games. A legendary statistic and goal-scoring record that will probably never be broken at Celtic. He was an incredibly loyal player to the side, while also being effective on the field.


Since being founded in the 19th century, Celtic have won every major cup in Scotland. Thanks to the players listed above, and other players like Johan Mjällby and Marc Rieper, Celtic will forever remain a popular club in football, and attending any of their games is similar to when playing casinos games on https://www.platincasino.co.uk/online-mobile-casino, an experience that keeps you excited at all times. These legendary players’ loyalty and passion for the club, and the incredible Celtic fanbase make the club what it is today.

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