Most Popular Series That Deserve Your Attention Too

Most Popular Series That Deserve Your Attention Too

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Plenty of series exist now already. If you want to get some new interesting options and have decided to review the list of all available series on Netflix, it is an easy thing to become missed among such. This short review will introduce some popular, even to say tested, series that are worth your time and attention. Interested in what are the top 10 most popular series? These samples will be surely covered in a couple of paragraphs below. But, there are some important things to know in certain cases.

Having online access to plenty of sources makes available not such sources only sometimes. Internet navigation is frequently associated with different threats, like malware, spyware, and similar threats. That is not the case to refuse interesting Netflix movies and series to watch online. Some of them may be limited in access due to geo and governmental restrictions. In all cases, the situation is possible to save and cure thanks to VPN. For instance, VeePN can easily hide your real IP address and makes a possible connection to any other server located worldwide. Let’s start with VeePN for IOS, for instance.

If you download the VPN iPhone app and use it to access the series you like, this can make your Internet experience safer and less irritating because of different ads. You may easily arrange a VPN download AppStore. Thanks to its high rating, VeePN download AppStore is an easy thing to do. We will come back to VPN for IOS and Android overview a bit later. Now, let’s find out what is the most popular Netflix series today?

TOP 10 Series to Watch Now

Wondering what’s the most trending series right now? Here is a shortlist of TOP 10 samples recommended to watch in the first turn:

  1. Savage Beauty

This is a thrilling story about the testing of one toxic product on children who lived on the street. One child survived and fifteen years later decided to seek revenge. Lots of threats, secrets and unpredictable cases expect those who want to watch these series.

  1. Selling Sunset

Luxury real estate, skilled brokers, and drama. Everything happens in LA. An astonishing scenario has lots of interesting things to explore.

  1. Workin’ Moms

This is a light story about working moms, their good friends, and their attempts to find the balance between their love and family lives. Based on the real-life events.

  1. Grace and Frankie

One unusual event broke the ordinary course of Grace and Frankie’s lives – their husbands left them for…each other. These women laughed, cried together, and even became entrepreneurs. Watch it if you are searching for spicy and interesting things.

  1. The Lincoln Lawyer

This is an interesting story about a legal practitioner who is traveling in his Lincoln car and tackles small and big cases in LA. The story is based on bestsellers.

  1. Ozark

This is a thrilling drama of the present day about one family and its journey. They moved from the normal and usual life in suburban Chicago to Missouri where they got into a criminal affair. If you like something thrilling or dangerous, watch this series.

  1. Marmaduke

This is a funny animated comedy about the adventures of Marmaduke and Messy. It is about exploring the world, enjoying relations, and about a big heart, of course. Watch these series if you want something cozy.

  1. The Perfect Family

This is a comedy that appeared in 2021. It is about an eclectic family, Lucia’s interaction with it, funny moments, and many more. Some common problems are looked at from different perspectives. A worthy thing to watch and enjoy it.

  1. Den of Thieves

This is an action series with Gerard Butler. This sage is about criminals, LA police, and the cases of the most virtuous bank robbery in the state. Watch it if you are looking for some thrilling things.

And…so, what is the top 1 Series?

  1. Senior Year

This is truly the most popular series now started in 2022. This is a comedy series about high school. A local cheerleader appeared in a come just before her prom. After nearly twenty years, she returned to her usual life but decided to return to her high school and regain her status back. A bit unrealistic but a very funny story that is worth watching it.

Bottom Line

Have got the TOP best Netflix popular series to watch? There are plenty of things available in this case. Do this safely thanks to hiding your device and its IP address. And even in the case of meeting some restrictions, geo or governmental, you may easily overcome those thanks to applying a reliable VPN tool. This tool is available not for IOS only but for Android too. To be on the safe side, use the safest VPN app for Android, with a high rating and lots of happy users. VeePN download GooglePlay is an easy thing to arrange.

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