Lacey Wildd Plastic Surgery: The Way to Get an Extreme Barbie Look!

Lacey Wildd, originally known as Paula Ann Simonds, is an American television personality and model who has gained widespread attention for her dramatic transformation through multiple plastic surgeries. Born in Miami, Florida, Lacey’s journey into the world of fame and altered appearance has made her a unique and intriguing figure in the entertainment industry.

Lacey’s career path has been characterized by her bold choices and a desire to stand out. She began her career as a model, eventually transitioning into a television personality known for her appearances on reality TV shows like “My Strange Addiction” and “Botched.” Her appearances on these programs shed light on her penchant for extreme cosmetic enhancements and the motivations behind her unique transformation.

Notably, Lacey’s transformation has been a subject of discussion and fascination, raising questions about the motivations and societal pressures that can lead individuals to make such dramatic alterations to their appearance. Her journey serves as a thought-provoking exploration of beauty standards and self-expression in the modern era.

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Lacey Wildd Plastic Surgery: In Focus!

Lacey Wildd’s decision to undergo extensive plastic surgery, notably a breast augmentation, was driven by a mix of personal motivations and unique circumstances. She successfully raised a considerable sum of $23,000 from her internet fans, illustrating the intriguing way in which she connected with her online community.

The surgery itself aimed at increasing her already substantial breast size from an LLL cup to an astonishing Q cup.

it’s important to note that this surgery came with significant risks, including the potential for life-threatening infections and complications like tearing. Her children expressed their concerns about these potential dangers, revealing the emotional weight that this decision carried.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Lacey had previously undergone surgeries to enhance her breast size, resulting in her size-LLL breasts weighing a substantial 21 pounds and necessitating a surgically implanted pigskin bra for support. The new implants, expected to weigh a staggering 42 pounds, underlined the extraordinary nature of her transformation and the physical implications it carried.

What other surgeries has she undergone?

Lacey Wildd’s transformative journey through a series of plastic surgeries is marked by her remarkable dedication to achieving her vision of becoming an “extreme Barbie.” Her path began with a mere A cup, and she embarked on a remarkable and unconventional quest to augment her breast size. Over the course of multiple procedures, she invested over $250,000 in her pursuit of larger breasts, ultimately reaching an astounding LLL cup size.

This journey was no small feat and involved a staggering 12 separate surgeries, each building on the last. In her unrelenting quest for physical transformation, Lacey didn’t stop at the LLL cup size. By mid-2014, she was planning yet another surgical procedure, this time to attain a QQQ cup size. The surgeon performing this operation was kept confidential, and she intended to have it in Brazil, a renowned destination for medical tourism.

Supporting her exceptionally large breasts necessitated an array of unique procedures. These included having pig skin sewn inside her abdomen and undergoing internal bra surgery to ensure her skin could withstand the weight. Her breasts weighed a combined 42 pounds at that time, leading to the necessity of sleeping at a thirty-degree angle to avoid feeling suffocated.

Lacey Wildd’s extensive surgical journey extended beyond breast augmentations. In her quest to achieve her “extreme Barbie” look, she underwent a total of 36 other plastic surgery operations. These procedures encompassed enhancements on various fronts, including her buttocks, eyes, nose, and other areas, each contributing to her overall transformation.

The remarkable nature of her journey and her unyielding commitment to her unique vision led to her story being featured on the E! network’s Botched reality series in 2014. Lacey’s story is a striking example of the profound impact that plastic surgery can have on an individual’s appearance and the lengths to which some may go to fulfill their personal beauty ideals.

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A Glance at The Family Responses!

Tori Wildd, one of Lacey Wildd’s six children, was featured in an episode of MTV’s True Life titled “I Have A Hot Mom.” Tori is vocally against her mother undergoing multiple procedures. Even though we don’t know much about the other kids, it’s clear that Wildd’s decisions have had an effect on her loved ones.

Tori’s participation in the show brings attention to the difficulties posed by their mother’s questionable plastic surgery choices for her children. The family’s story reflects the challenges faced by people in similar situations and sheds light on the complexity of living with a parent who undertakes significant cosmetic operations.

Her son Brandon added: “Everything’s fake, I think. I think she looked pretty before she even had the surgery.”

Even Lacey herself once said that she has a son who is 35 years old and people sometimes consider her son as her boyfriend!

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