Karina Obregón: Wife of Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez Jr.

The Vicente Fernandez clan

Vicente Fernandez was one of Latin America’s most recognised and popular Ranchera musicians. Nicknamed “El Rey de la Música Ranchera” or the king of Ranchera music, Vicente Fernandez was seen to be at the same level as Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley

His smooth voice and operatic tenor hooked the Latin American crowd to his music and his giant sombrero became a hallmark of Mexican music. His songs spoke of lost loves, rural life, politics, and the lives and loves of the common man in countryside Mexico. 

Who is Karina Obregón?

Karina Obregon and Vicente Fernandez met in 2015 and fell in love. Their romance didn’t make headlines for quite a while. They dated and started living together, and made the relationship public only when they felt it was strong enough for it to be shared with the spotlight. 

Since the Fernandez clan was so famous, however, the silence made a lot of fans suspicious of Karina Obregon. 

Many thought that she was an exotic dancer from another country. However, the two sat down for an interview soon after, clarifying that it is not the case. Karina said that she is a businesswoman. She is an aesthetician and has her own clinic. 

In fact, she is popular for having created her own Keto supplement that she claims reverses the effects of things like Soda, and other harmful foods. Kim Kardashian has been seen following her account for Keto tips too. 

Her clinic and aesthetic centre have different types of facilities available for holistic wellness and beauty. They also offer classes for aspiring beauticians and aestheticians. You can even go to the clinic for Psychological support. All this is part of her clinic because Obregon’s brand is built on the idea of wellness based on Harmony.

Other than that, Karina is also a proud mother and has 4 children. She and Vicente Fernandez stayed married for a total of 3 years. Due to irreconcilable differences, the two officially split in 2020.


The couple’s divorce has been a messy affair and has kept fans hooked to the headlines. Even as the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard drama was going down, the Fernandez family was matching up to that vibe. 

First Karina came out saying that Vicente was physically abusive during the marriage. She also alleged that the Singer had been inappropriate with her young daughter, buying her inappropriate clothes and committing cringeworthy acts. Vicente’s ex came out and sided with him saying that she couldn’t imagine him being even capable of doing such horrendous things. 

Then in an interview, the Mexican Singer’s lawyer revealed that Karina was apparently blackmailing Fernandez Jr with edited pictures to create a scandal about sexuality. 

Karina, however, parried that it is Vicente who is prolonging the trial and that she is tired of it all. A popular TV host, Aylín Mujica, stood by Karina Obregon saying that she had heard from sources that Fernandez jr. is asking for pension payments from his wife during the divorce proceedings, making it more complicated. 

She said, “Vicente Fernández Jr. is asking his ex-wife Karina for support for 470 thousand Mexican pesos because the man says he cannot work because he does not have all the fingers of his hand”. 

There is some speculation that Aylín Mujica was forced to say this by the production, and after Vicente swore to sue for defamation, the case indeed became more complicated. Eventually, however, the two did get separated officially, and almost immediately Fernandez Jr. was seen on Instagram telling his new girlfriend that he loves her, and thus the drama continues. 

Recent Controversy

First, the famed Mariarch Vicent Fernandez himself came under fire when a video started circulating of him inappropriately touching a fan. When alive, the famous singer did come out and say that it had happened by mistake and he had never meant to touch the young fan in the way shown. 

Then, Karina herself came ahead after her divorce from Vicente Jr. to say that the family as a whole has had “strange behaviours” that she couldn’t handle and thus ended her marriage. In her testimony, she said that she was not used to the behaviour of several of the members of the Fernández family and therefore decided to get a divorce

Amongst the controversy, more secrets were dug up around the time Vicente Fernandez was in the hospital. A journalist and writer Olga Wornat came out with an unofficial biography “El Último Rey” where she alleges that Gerardo Fernandez, the son who isn’t as publicly visible, helped in the kidnapping of Vicente Fernandez Jr. and has links with organized mafia gangs. 

He apparently has made business deals with the capo of some famous mafia groups in Mexico as well. The journalist likens the family history to the show Dallas, saying that the stories that came out seemed similar in scope in drama, secrets, and politics

Vicente Fernandez jr. himself recently came under fire from the fans who have been following the clan. Vicente has been posting pictures with his young girlfriend Mariana González who is known as Mexico’s Kim Kardashian.

People have been enraged by his blatant show-off for multiple reasons. One was that this was on the heels of a messy divorce with his ex-wife Karina Obregon. 

Secondly, Vicent talked about wanting to marry Gonzalez while his father was in the hospital, on his deathbed. Since the news wasn’t announced immediately, the whole of Latin America was holding its breath for news of Vicent Fernandez. Fans lashed back saying that he should be ashamed to be with someone who is obviously “easy” because she is after his money. 

Others said that Vicente Jr. is no different because he too is living off the money of his father, and has no concern for him either. Vicente Jr. shot back with a reply saying that everyone is simply jealous. That did not go over well and his Instagram feed was awash with comments comparing him to his younger brother and nicknames of “grandfather”.

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