Is Freddie Highmore Gay? The Answer May Surprise You!

is freddie highmore gay

Alfred Thomas Highmore is an English actor. As a child, he appeared in a number of films, including Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, August Rush, and The Spiderwick Chronicles. He received two consecutive Critics’ Choice Movie Awards for Best Young Performer.

Is Freddie Highmore Gay?

is freddie highmore gay

fresherslive indicates that Freddie Highmore is not gay. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Freddie Highmore divulged his marital status. Jimmy inquired about the obvious wedding band on Freddie’s hand, and Freddie affirmed that he is married.

Since I began donning this ring, I’ve been asked if I’m married, so I figured I should elaborate. I will not express my excitement on the couch of a talk program by jumping up and down. I am aware that this is your practice in the United States. Currently, I am as content as a British citizen can be and am married to a very beautiful woman. I am therefore highly pleased.”

Although we are aware that Freddie’s wife is also British, we do not know who she is. Is it possible that they worked together while he was filming one of his roles? Or is she a non-celebrity who deliberately avoids the spotlight? Presently, nobody knows anything about her. It is highly unlikely that this couple will soon become “Instagram official” because they appear to value their privacy.

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Who Is Freddie Highmore’s Spouse?

Sarah Bolger

is freddie highmore gay

Highmore dated Sarah Bolger, who portrayed his sister in The Spiderwick Chronicles when he was a teenager. According to Distractify, they began dating in 2006 while spending time together off-screen and ended their relationship in 2008, following the release of the film. The reason for the breakup was never revealed.

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Dakota Fanning

Highmore reportedly dated Dakota Fanning briefly during the summer of 2009, when they were spotted having dinner together in a California hotel.

Abigail Breslin

is freddie highmore gay

Although they never affirmed their relationship and were never photographed together, rumors circulated that Abigail Breslin and Highmore dated.

Emma Roberts

While Highmore and Emma Roberts had great chemistry in the 2011 film The Art of Getting By, Roberts has stated in interviews that they were “just really good friends who connect well.”

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