How to Easily Find Your Past YouTube Comments and Edit or Delete Them?

how to find your youtube comments

No matter what device you’re using, accessing your YouTube comments is a breeze. It just takes a few seconds to make changes or remove previous comments on YouTube.

Although it is easy to access, edit, or remove comments on YouTube from a mobile device, you are unable to do it using the YouTube app and must instead utilize the web browser on your smartphone.

It’s easy to retrieve all of your comments on YouTube videos; if you ever want to share a wise phrase with someone or are unsure of what you said, just look up your previous comments.

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Maybe you wish you hadn’t been so harsh in the middle of that hot conversation on YouTube, or maybe you just had the best retort ever and want to add it to your remark. Either way, you probably regret it now.

Maybe you want to discover your YouTube remark so you can share it with others, or maybe you can’t recall what you said in context.

Whatever the situation may be, you may quickly locate your previous comments on YouTube and easily make changes to or remove them as needed.

How to Find Your YouTube Comments?

From the YouTube site, go to the top-left corner of the screen and click on the three parallel lines. Then, see a menu with the phrase “History”—click on that.

how to find your youtube comments

Locate the bubble next to “Comments” on the right side of the screen and click on it.

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how to find your youtube comments

Locate the remark you would want to modify, remove, or share in your comments list. Then, click the three dots next to it. There and then, you have the option to remove the remark.

Select “Edit” to go to the video where the remark was originally submitted, where you may make the necessary changes.

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how to find your youtube comments

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