How to Find and Copy Your LinkedIn Profile Link?

how to copy linkedin url

Are you looking to share a link to your LinkedIn profile but don’t know where to look for it? I am writing this post specifically for you.

This post will go over two approaches:

Locate your LinkedIn URL and share it using the web app.

Get the LinkedIn URL on the go with the help of your mobile app.

The video demonstration is located at the bottom of this post.

Find and Share Your Linked In URL via Web App

Please visit to log in to your LinkedIn account.

Click the gear button (top right) that appears next to your profile photo, then See profile

how to copy linkedin url

Grab the address bar’s URL and paste it into your browser.

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Unsure how To Copy?

Simply pick the address and then choose “Copy” from the context menu. Paste it after that by right-clicking on the location where you wish to share it.

If you prefer to utilize keyboard shortcuts, you can also highlight the address and then copy it using Ctrl+C, and then paste it someplace else with Ctrl+V.

Find and Share Your LinkedIn in URL via Mobile App

The “share” feature on most phones may be used to copy or share a link to your profile within the app.

Launch LinkedIn on your mobile device.

Select the gear icon next to your profile picture at the top

Choose “View profile.”

Click the ellipsis (…) in the header area of your profile to choose “Share profile via…”

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You may now either copy the URL and paste it anywhere or share it directly using recommended or frequent applications.

how to copy linkedin url

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