Gmail app will be able to take calls now

Today, Google has announced even more Workspace features. As per today’s announcement, Gmail is going to get a redesign. Google is adding the ability to “ring” another Google user with Google Meet inside the Gmail mobile app. Once the feature rolls out and is turned on, your Gmail app will be able to be called. Google says the standalone Meet app will get the same ability at some point shortly.

With these features, Gmail is Google’s equivalent to Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is for email, calendar, and contacts. Gmail is Google’s hub for email, one on one chat, group chat, video conferencing, and now calls. The email part of Gmail is just one tab along with Chat, Spaces, and Meet. “Spaces” is Google’s rebranding of “Rooms”. It is a Slack like service offering group chats. Through this rename, Google is making it easier to find Spaces within a company by making them discoverable through search. Google is also adding full support for threaded messages.

Gmail app will be able to take calls now
Gmail app will be able to take calls now

Google has partnered with Cisco to ensure that hardware designed for Google Meet will be able to dial into Webex meetings and that hardware designed for Webex will be able to dial into Google Meet.

Google said users will be able to hide the tabs which they don’t use. It will be first rolled out for enterprise users starting today. It will be soon rolled out to other customers. Apart from the above mentioned broad updates, Google is also adding a handful of smaller updates. For example, Google Calendar will now let you RSVP to a meeting invite with an indication of your location. The company will also release its “Companion mode” feature in the coming November.

Google is going to expand the “Series One” line of Google Meet compatible hardware. Note that unlike “Made by Google” hardware like the Pixel, Series One devices are made by other companies. Google introduced Series One Desk 27 which is a touchscreen display designed primarily to serve as a Google Meet video conferencing station.

It comes with USB-C port and can serve as an external monitor for a laptop. It comes with a price tag of $1,999. Series One Panel 65 is a TV capable of taking stylus input. It works like Google’s own Jamboard. Google said both these devices will run on Chrome OS. The devices are made by Avocor and is set to launch next year.

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