E-Commerce Marketing Essentials: 10 Actionable Tactics to Drive More Sales

E-Commerce Marketing Essentials: 10 Actionable Tactics to Drive More Sales

No matter your business, you need to increase sales to grow your business. Whether selling products or services, you must focus on getting prospects to your business’s front door.

While most believe setting up a website and listing the products is all it takes to have an ecommerce business, there is more to it if you wish to be successful. But with the growing competition and over 12 million e-commerce stores competing for customers in various sectors, it is important to be where your customers are. 

Understanding E-Commerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing is a broad term that encompasses marketing strategies specifically geared toward online stores or e-commerce websites. No matter what it is that you are selling, you want as many people as possible to come to know about it.

E-commerce marketing also includes online marketing or advertising, which are practices involving promoting products, websites, and services. Since e-commerce marketers deal with online stores and not physical stores, they must have the knowledge and a background in e-commerce and online marketing.

This blog will look at a few actionable tactics for driving more sales to your ecommerce store.

1. Suggest Products That Your Customers Might Like

If you want to boost your online store sales, you can try to upsell your products to your customers. If you make more sales, you can offer your customers a more expensive but better version of the product they originally wanted to buy. 

The easy way to do this is by integrating the upsell function on your website, where the customer can see right away if the product is available in a more expensive version or not. If there is an upgraded version, the customer will have the option to buy the new product.

Doing this can increase your conversion rate, meaning more visitors will become actual buyers.

2. Leverage the Power of Social Media

If you are thinking of increasing your online sales, one of the most effective tactics you can implement is to start using social media. Using social media effectively helps in increasing your online sales.

And it is easy to do so! For starters, you can create a social media account for your business. From there, you can start posting at regular intervals. As you probably guessed, posting about relevant things is a great way to attract potential customers.

The key thing here is to build trust before making a sale. That way, you will be able to get more people to part with their hard-earned cash!

3. Follow Popular Trends

Every second counts when you are online. Everything from the design of your site to the mobile navigation on your phone can make the difference between a potential client and an online dud. Online marketing is tricky, and the success of your business decisions is made through your ability to make the right moves.

One of the easiest ways to get your business noticed is by following the ongoing popular trends. Jumping on the trend bandwagon with catchy images, GIFs, short videos, and engaging content are other ways to attract an audience to your website. This will attract customers to your business, keep them hooked, and convert them into brand-loyal customers. 

4. Give Your Products a Video Boost

Video marketing is a powerful tool to ensure your success! It helps you explain your product to your customers in the most seamless manner. About 86% of businesses use video marketing to promote their business, while others have yet to join the bandwagon.

With the advent of technology and numerous online tools, it’s easy to edit a video online and create professional-looking brand videos for various platforms. Most of these tools require no prior experience or knowledge as they come back with tutorials and pre-built templates.

All you need is some footage, an idea of your video’s look, and an online video editor to produce enough video content to attract, engage, and retain your customers. Remember, you can reach millions of people worldwide thanks to online video providers. 

5. Email Marketing Never Goes Out of Style

E-Commerce Marketing Essentials: 10 Actionable Tactics to Drive More Sales

Email marketing is one of the most common ways to increase online sales. A report suggests that over 376.4 billion emails are sent every day. People who use email marketing are more likely to purchase in the future. 

Besides being the most cost-effective marketing technique, one can say that it generates the highest ROIs for any business. A DMA report suggests that marketers make over $42 in revenue for every dollar they spend on email marketing. 

6. Identify And Fix Bottlenecks

Google Analytics does not just tell you where your website visitors came from but can also tell you at what point they left your website.

If you see a pattern in your customers leaving your website after a particular point, it means that there is a bottleneck that your users are facing. Using this data to map the customer journey and making your website more user-friendly is a great way to increase transactions. 

7. Follow Up on Abandoned Cart

E-Commerce Marketing Essentials: 10 Actionable Tactics to Drive More Sales

Besides dropping out during the navigation process, many customers also drop out during the buying stage. This is known as the abandoned cart. Most abandoned cart users become customers when you follow up on their orders.

Providing them with discount reminders, limited-time offers, and other personalized services can help you increase your sales. Email follow-ups work best on the abandoned cart; three emails work better than one. According to research, marketers saw a 69 percent increase in revenue from abandoned carts when they sent out three reminder emails instead of one!

8. Chatbots – Your E-Salesperson

In the past, customers had to contact business owners directly. A customer would call a business directly, speak to an employee, and patiently wait for them to answer the customer’s questions. Sometimes, they would want to ask a question and have to call them back later.

Today, the situation is completely different. With the birth of conversational commerce and customer service chatbots, customers can now contact businesses directly without waiting or speaking to an employee.

These chatbots can provide users with information on products and services, acknowledge orders, collect feedback, and much more. According to a recent report, by 2025, chatbots might drive $1.25 billion worth of business to the e-commerce industry. 

9. Influencer Marketing

E-Commerce Marketing Essentials: 10 Actionable Tactics to Drive More Sales

Over 58.4% of internet users buy something online every week. While electronics and fashion dominate e-commerce sales, users shop for products from almost all industries online. E-commerce spending worldwide amounts to over 4.9 Trillion, which is likely to double in the next few years.

Investing in influencer marketing is one way to increase your sales in this booming market. The internet is full of influencers. Your job is to tap into that network and find people who would sell for you by being your brand advocates.

The reason why this works is simple. People trust other users over brands. So, when someone just like them, who has used the product, says something nice and recommends a product, they are more likely to buy it. 

10. Paid Ads Are Here To Stay

Paid ads are a great way to reach new and existing customers. Are you launching a new product? Tapping into a new market? Want to create a buzz in the market about your service offerings? Paid ads can help you do it all with the multiple channels available.

All social media platforms and search engines now support paid ads, and they come in multiple formats like pay-per-click, display, retargeting ads, price comparison, and so on. Experiment with multiple formats before deciding which works best for your business. 


A report by Stephanie Chevalier suggests that global e-commerce sales will cross $8.1 trillion by 2026. And it is not surprising as more users adapt to online shopping. So, now is the time for businesses to focus on their e-commerce branding as much as their physical store.