Courteney Cox Reunites with ‘Friends’ ‘Sisters’ Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony!

Courteney Cox Reunites with 'Friends' 'Sisters' Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony!

Friendship is something on which Courteney Cox can always rely.

On Monday, the 58-year-old actress was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and she was joined by her former Friends co-stars Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston.

Cox told PEOPLE that it was “amazing” to hear her longtime friends speak during the event, adding, “They’re such fantastic friends of mine and they’re family to me, so it felt really comfortable… they’re my sisters.”

Cox, like other speakers at the occasion, praised Aniston, Kudrow, and Laura Dern for their continued support throughout the years.

“I love you all so much and it’s so lovely that you came out and showed up for me in public the way you do so frequently in private,” she shared.

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Aniston, 54, and Kudrow, 59, paid tribute to their mutual friend and former co-star during their joint remarks.

As your coworkers, friends, family, and sisters, it is an honor for us to speak on your behalf today,” Aniston said. We’ve known you for a long time, so that’s not surprising.

“From the day we met about 30 years ago,” Kudrow continued as Aniston joked, “Well, not 30 years ago. That should not have been written.”

Aniston explained that having friends like Courteney is like having a family. “All of that can be traced back to her. As soon as we met her, we knew we could count on her to be welcoming, warm, loving, and interested in every facet of our lives.”

During the early stages of filming Friends, Kudrow noted that Cox would also urge the group “to take care of each other.”

Aniston continued, “We do have to take care — and she ingrained in all of us, into our Genes, to support each other and to love one another.”

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As Kudrow put it, “one of the closest, most loving and supporting casts in, I’ll say, the history of television,” the Friends group became close because of Cox’s idea.

A final word was delivered to Cox by the two speakers.

“Courteney, please know how glad we are to call you a friend. You epitomize the perfect combination of physical attractiveness, intellectual prowess, and moral excellence “…Kudrow remarked. For the way you’ve touched our hearts, we’re very grateful.

Aniston continued, “And as fans, we want to thank you for making us laugh. “From what I’ve seen of you on TV and in real life, you had to be one of the funniest people on the globe. Courteney jokes are the best, and I appreciate you for the joy you bring into our lives through your writing. Sisters from another mister, you have our undying affection and we couldn’t be more pleased with how you’ve turned out.”

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