Chelsea to bring back Lukaku to improve Werner

Updates from Premier League as Chelsea planning to bring back Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan and create perfect attacking duo with Timo Werner.  

Chelsea turned around their performance in the 2nd half of the season. Things changed after the club Board of Directors sacked Frank Lampard, and brought in Thomas Tuchel.

Thomas Tuchel turned the team into a unified strength. They’re already in FA Cup Final and shared points in UEFA Champions League Semi-Final 1st leg.

Goal drought for Timo Werner

Every player has started contributing more or less pretty fairly well to their club’s victory. But Timo Werner still couldn’t adjust to the Premier League football, even after eight months at Stamford Bridge.

Timo Werner have played 45 games for Chelsea and have scored 11 goals with 12 assists this season.

Chelsea to bring back Lukaku to improve Werner
Chelsea to bring back Lukaku to improve Werner

Will Lukaku prove his worth again in Premier League?

Romelu Lukaku played a serious role for Inter Milan in the Serie A race this season. He played 40 games this season and has scored 27 goals. His conversion rate increased considerably well after he joined Inter from Man United.

Chelsea wants to bring back Lukaku to Stamford like he played for few months before joining Everton in 2013.

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