Brie Larson Uses This $14 Lip Mask from The Brand that Martha Stewart Has Trusted for 40 Years!

Brie Larson Uses This $14 Lip Mask from The Brand that Martha Stewart Has Trusted for 40 Years!

Brie Larson reveals her innermost secrets.

Her cosmetic secrets, if nothing else. In a recent edition of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series, the actress revealed her preferred skincare routine and makeup products. Before applying cosmetics, Larson applies the Mario Badescu Lip Mask With Acai and Vanilla, which she also claims to use before bedtime.

It is less expensive than the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, which is popular among celebrities like Kate Hudson. The Mario Badescu product contains shea butter for hydration in addition to coconut oil and squalene to soothe and smooth the skin. It can be applied overnight to moisturize and nourish chapped lips, or throughout the day for a plump, glossy appearance.

Brie Larson Uses This $14 Lip Mask from The Brand that Martha Stewart Has Trusted for 40 Years!

Buy It! Mario Badescu Lip Mask with Acai and Vanilla, $14;

Mario Badescu has been in business since 1967, and one of its famous admirers is Martha Stewart. In an unfiltered photograph taken earlier this year, Stewart attributed her flawless complexion to diet, exercise, and “amazing facials @mariobadescu for the last forty years.” This is brand loyalty.

The lip mask is described as “hydrating” and “the best” by Amazon reviewers. One customer who described themselves as having “very dry lips that are always cracked” began using the mask morning and night and reported, “I have noticed such a difference in my lips, and the scent is nice and subtle.”

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Another user stated that the mask exceeded their expectations and that they no longer wake up with chapped lips or the need to apply lip salve.” They noted that it “has the consistency of petroleum jelly, but tastes and smells much better.”

Several consumers compared the product to other well-known lip treatments. One consumer claimed to have “used Laneige forever” before switching to the Mario Badescu mask, writing, “Lips feel more moisturized and the price is better for this product.” Another reviewer referred to it as “the new gold standard in overnight lip masks” and stated that it was superior to comparable products by Laneige, Pacifica, and C.O. Bigelow. A thicker consistency distinguishes it, they wrote, adding, “The thickness keeps it on your lips all night, which is awesome.”

Summer’s more intense UV radiation can leave lips feeling dry and chapped; purchase the Mario Badescu Lip Mask to maintain hydration throughout the season.

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