Best NFT Crypto Projects to Buy in 2022

Best NFT Crypto Projects to Buy in 2022

Today, cryptocurrencies are experiencing a strong bearish phase, and many users have lost interest in them. Buying Bitcoin in 2009-2011 and selling in 2020-2021 could be the best investment ever. Of course, this growth will be repeated in different volumes, but crypto traders have good alternatives. We are talking about NFT crypto coins, which are called the “second wave of crypto assets.” Today, many projects are on the market, and it is important to understand the most promising ones.

Best NFT Crypto Projects to Buy in 2022

What is NFT? This is an abbreviation that stands for non fungible tokens. It can be a picture, GIF, video, music, and any object of digital reality. The value of NFT is that it gives the user unique, copyrighted rights to that object. You can buy such an NFT on modern platforms like Chainbroker. After all, various popular memes and pictures (for example, Nyan Cat) are worth millions of dollars. A promising startup can bring a good profit to an investor. Let’s look at some of the most interesting NFT crypto projects of 2022.

Tamadoge Is a Unique Crypto Game with Nft

One “doggy” NFT crypto coin has very interesting prospects in cryptocurrency. This simple and fun game with a serious business plan allows users to earn money right in the gameplay. At the same time, the Tamadoge team plans not just to launch a gaming application but the systematic development of the game to its metaverse and augmented reality. Thanks to this, each user can become the owner of a unique NFT pet that can be developed, upgraded and sold to other participants.

Also, the economy of one of the best NFT tokens pleases excellent prospects. Tamadoge released only 2,000,000,000 tokens for sale and provided for a burn in each transaction, which contributed to the strengthening of the coin.

The team has also waived commissions and taxes for transactions with TAMA and does not plan to change the Play to Earn concept to Pay to Play (as is often the case with other similar projects). Therefore, Tamadoge can be called one of the first NFTs in the category of meme coins, which offers its users more than just entertainment.

Lucky Block – NFT for Gamblers

The Platinum Rollers Club collection from Lucky Block is one of the novelties that attracts the most interest. It contains 10,000 NFTs minted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Non fungible tokens are depicted as tickets, which have their number.

The advantage of buying Lucky Block tokens is that their holders are automatically entered into a daily prize draw with an average prize pool of $10,000. It is noteworthy that these draws are held in parallel with the daily Lucky Block lottery draws, in which you can also win a prize. This means ticket holders will have a double opportunity to hit the jackpot daily.

What’s more, there are 25 rare tickets featuring rockets in the Platinum Rollers Club collection. Investors lucky enough to get one of these NFTs will double their profits if they win one of the daily jackpots.

The NFT Lucky Block can be purchased from the fast-growing NFT LaunchPad digital asset market. Each token is valued at $1,500 with a 10% royalty on secondary market sales. Given the huge hype from the Lucky Block Telegram group, we can safely assume that unique tickets will sell out soon. And this means that investors need to act quickly to have time to invest in promising tokens.

Archaic Art – Unusual Nf Ts Created by Artificial Intelligence

Archaic Art is one of the most unusual NFT projects. The collection contains 2500 unique designs that were created using artificial intelligence. These NFTs showcase an exciting mix of shapes and vectors, making them appealing to abstract art lovers.

Since the software that created the Archaic Art NFT has already been decommissioned, such assets are truly unique. This fact, combined with the premium aesthetics of the tokens, will make the Archaic Art collection more than attractive to investors. The likelihood that these tokens no fungibles will increase in value significantly in the next few years is very high.

Best NFT Crypto Projects to Buy in 2022

Lazy Goats Club – a Unique Collection of Tokens for Profiles

Lazy Goats Club is a new NFT release containing 10,000 Lazy Goats. The collection, minted on Binance Smart Chain, includes goats with various facial expressions, decorations, and items. Tokens are ideal for use as a profile picture. In this collection, each NFT is unique. This suggests that an investor in Lazy Goats Club will become the owner of an exclusive NFT with no analogues.

The average minimum cost of Lazy Goat is higher than most NFT projects and ranges from 1 to 2 BNB. All advantages make these coins an excellent choice for those who are just starting and are ready to invest for a long time.

IMPT – Promising Investment in The Nft Project that Helps the Planet

The best crypto project is not only promising but also useful. The project aims to reduce carbon pollution, combat the greenhouse effect, and prevent global warming. IMPT aims to reduce our carbon footprint by engaging with various eco-friendly companies and online shopping. Users of the IMPT ecosystem will receive NFTs for being active. NFTs will be exchangeable as well as tradeable. The project is at the pre-sale stage, which allows early investors to profit by buying a token at a lower price.

What does IMPT offer? These are Earning income through the sale and trading of IMPT tokens acquired at the early stages of the pre-sale, investment in a promising project with an important mission. Another thing is the possibility of earning collectable NFTs through interaction with the platform.


We have told you about the best NFT tokens that can bring good profits. Moreover, some projects even benefit the environment. We hope this information has provided a clearer picture of investment opportunities. It remains to choose the best performing crypto fund, buy promising projects and take the first step towards making a good profit.

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