Best High School Comedies of All Time

Best High School Comedies of All Time

Some films are popular for a few weeks before fading into the history books, but others stand the test of time, becoming classics among those who feel as though they capture something special about a subject that appeals to them. Comedies are among those that attract lifelong fans and many people will turn to their upbeat favorite every time they need cheering up.

Best High School Comedies of All Time

Everybody loves to laugh and when a movie portrays an experience that many people can identify with, it is much more likely to appeal to a wider audience and earn itself a following. Memories of awkward teenage years unite audiences in a common experience and it can be cathartic to be reminded that everyone goes through similar crises in their younger days.

Some of the most popular films in the high school comedy genre include:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – For nearly forty years, references to this film have been made in popular culture by generations of movie fans. The story of Ferris Bueller has everything from strong friendships to a hugely catchy soundtrack and many of the up-and-coming actors playing the main characters have gone on to become Hollywood stars.

Part of the film’s popularity was the way it managed to turn the frustrations and tribulations of teenage life into a feel-good movie about the nature of friendship and the importance of being true to yourself. Add in a classic car, a whistle-stop tour of the most impressive places in downtown Chicago, and the fact that Ferris outsmarts the authoritarian dean and you can see how this film has universal appeal.

Freaky Friday – While some films are one-of-a-kind special, Freaky Friday has proved so popular that there are three films based on this 1972 novel, including one starring Jodie Foster in the role of defiant daughter. Most people will have seen the 2003 version with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as the mother and daughter that swap places and have to live one another’s lives for a day.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure – When Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter first began crashing through time and space to find historical figures for their history presentation, they immediately earned fans all over the world. An instant hit, Bill and Teds genre of movie provides the story of the time-travelling duo saving themselves and the world from certain disaster by bringing historical characters back to the modern day has earned fans that span generations.

Best High School Comedies of All Time

American Pie – When the first American Pie film was released in 1999, it was compared to some of the aforementioned classics such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Drawing on some of the most archetypal characters – the jock, the popular girl, the nerd, the bully, the mysterious foreign student – the film launched the careers of a number of young stars.

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Dazed and Confused – This 1993 film includes all the most trusted tropes associated with high school movies. The seniors are torturing younger students with hazing rituals, the ‘geeks’ are exploring their social lives, and everyone is trying to find love and avoid the wrath of their parents.

Napoleon Dynamite – This 2004 comedy may be the quirkiest film to embody the high school experience, but the story of Napoleon Dynamite follows one of the more unlikely heroes as he navigates both family life and the high school experience. While Napoleon is busy finding a date for the school dance, avoiding bullies, standing up to his brother and uncle, and learning to dance, viewers can laugh, cry and cringe along to their heart’s content.

Mean Girls – Also released in 2004, Mean Girls follows Lindsay Lohan’s character who has to adjust to the rigours of high school life after four years of homeschooling. Fans found the story of the cliques, romantic entanglements, rumours, and the importance of reputation compelling viewing and the film earned its status as a cult classic shortly after release.

Best High School Comedies of All Time

She’s All That – A modern-day re-telling of the story of Pygmalion, stated by imdb Seattle this is the 1999 tale of how a popular boy takes on the challenge of turning an unpopular girl into his high school prom queen. This film saw Freddie Prinze Jr making a name for himself, alongside Matthew Lillard, Paul Walker, and Rachael Lee Cook who all went on to have stellar careers.

Heathers – The ultimate in dark comedy, Heathers turns the whole idea of high school comedies on its head with its grim take on the machinations of teen cliques. Several deaths later, the lead protagonist is one of a few students to survive the high school experience, but stars Winona Ryder, Shannon Doherty, and Christian Slater all went on to become household names.

Not Another Teen Movie – Designed to remind viewers of some of the most culturally significant films in the genre, Not Another Teen Movie’s release in 2001 was well received. Based loosely on the plot of She’s All That, there are multiple references to all the most popular films, from American Beauty to Grease, and those who appreciate a high school comedy will find everything they love in this tongue-in-cheek parody.

Whether you’ve watched and re-watched these films or almost forgotten how good they are, high school comedies are the perfect antidote to the stresses of adult life.