Bernie Collins Pregnant: Embracing the Journey to Motherhood?

bernie collins pregnant

Northern Irish native and current Sky Sports F1 strategy commentator Bernadette Bernie Collins previously worked as a strategy engineer for the Aston Martin Formula One team. After earning her degree from Queen’s University Belfast in 2009, she started her work as a trainee at McLaren. Collins joined Jenson Button’s team as a performance engineer in 2011, rising to the position of team leader in 2014. Button had won the world championship in 2009. After joining Force India in 2015, she contributed to the team’s fourth-place result in the Constructors’ Championship the following season.

Collins was included on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for Manufacturing & Industry in Europe in 2016, and she served as an ambassador for the United Kingdom government’s Make it in Great Britain program in 2012.

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Bernie Collins’ Pregnancy Announcement: A New Chapter

bernie collins pregnant

Bernie Collins does not plan to have any children. Let it be known that the rumors that Bernie Collins is pregnant are completely false.

Keep in mind that Bernie has a reputation for maintaining a low profile in terms of her private life. On the other hand, her consistent attendance and demeanor at the office belie any signs of pregnancy.

We can also say that Bernie is not quite active in sharing the various instances of her life over social media. Even from our reliable sources, we did not come to know about any update of Bernie being pregnant.

What About Bernie’s Relationship Status?

bernie collins pregnant

Bernie Collins, an analyst who is 35 years old, does not discuss her romantic relationships publicly. Due to the fact that she does not disclose a great deal about her past relationships, it is unknown whether or not she is married. Some people believe that she is trying to shield her partner from the attention of the media.

Bernadette gives very little detail about her personal life because she is so focused on advancing her job as a race car driver. Her job requires a lot of her attention and time.
But whoever she ends up with will be really fortunate. Her admirers adore her racing skills, and at this point in her career, that is what she is known for. On the track, she will continue to dazzle spectators, but her private life will continue to be shrouded in mystery.

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It is revealed to the fans of Bernie Collins that she is not pregnant for now. Bernie has an opinion of keeping her personal and professional life at a distance. Moreover, even on her social media accounts, she does not reveal much about her private life. Fans are not even aware or confirmed of the marital status or dating history of Bernie. Simply it is a far cry to know whether she is pregnant or not unless and until any announcement is made by her.

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