Apple has released a new AirTags update

Apple has released a new AirTags update
Apple has released a new AirTags update

According to the latest news, CNET reported that Apple is distributing an AirTags software update. The company has sent a statement to The Verge that indicates it is also working on an app for Android users that will let users detect potentially unwanted trackers.

Earlier this year, Apple launched AirTags with an aim to help people keep track of everyday objects like keys or bags. Recently, there were concerns that tiny devices are being used to secretly track people without their knowledge.

Before the update, if AirTags were away from their owner they would chime after three days if it is detected that they are moving. Apple is now updating the AirTags to chime at some point between 8 and 24 hours of separation.

Interestingly, the company also hinted at an Android app that will come “later this year”. Apple said the app will be able to detect both AirTags and other Find My network accessories.

Frankly, 8 to 24 hours is still a long time because a lot can happen within this time. However, it feels good to see that Apple is at least trying to address some of the people’s concerns. Apple launched the latest update today. As per CNET, the update would begin automatically as soon as an AirTag comes into proximity with an iPhone.

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