A Quiet Place 2 Review – Grim, Frightening & Spine-Chilling Sequel

A Quiet Place 2 Review – Grim, Frightening & Spine-Chilling Sequel
A Quiet Place 2 Review – Grim, Frightening & Spine-Chilling Sequel

When A Quiet Place first hit the theatres back in 2018, it kept everyone silent on their seats. Usually, we hear movies be so tense that it keeps people on the edge of their seats. However, it was different for this creation by John Krasinski. After the success of its first instalment, A Quiet Place returned with the sequel, and this time, it tells the events with a more brazen and ballistic atmosphere.

Krasinski has made many changes in this sequel; however, they don’t sway away from the original suit. The movie still retains its roots, but this time it’s not so quieter. There are more dialogue, more action, and even more chilling moments. Here in this blog, we review the latest addition to the A Quiet Place franchise and communicate why it’s so good.

A Quiet Place 2 Review – Grim, Frightening & Spine-Chilling Sequel
A Quiet Place 2

The Beginning

In A Quiet Place 2’s beginning, we directly go to the entry point of where things started. This serves us as a reminder that the world was once a peaceful place with no monsters in sight. A baseball match suddenly gets interrupted due to a loud explosion in the sky.

The hell breaks loose when the monster squirms out and rushes into the town. Things move so fast that characters have no time to grasp the situation. Among them is the Abbott family, who is also hit by this rattling invasion and immediately go into hiding.

The Search For Home

After the burning of their barn, the Abbott family looks for a new place, and we get introduced to a new character Emmett. He owns a factory that resides survivors. At first, he isn’t accommodating of Evelyn and her family because he deems them useless. But over time, he learns to drop the act of resistance and becomes more giving.

A Quiet Place 2 has remained relatively similar in terms of depicting human nature. When people have their backs against the wall, they will resort to any method, and it’s true even in this movie. The decreasing supply of food and water is always a concerning thought. It’s not just the monsters they have to deal with but also humans who ensure their survival.

A Quiet Place 2 Review – Grim, Frightening & Spine-Chilling Sequel
Emily Blunt as Evelyn in Movie

It’s More Louder

Krasinski isn’t shy in showing how he wanted this movie made. The silence in this release is a less proactive element, and action has replaced it in bits. Now and then, we get a little jumpscare or see characters put into extremely tense situations. Add the score by Marco Beltrami, and you got the perfect combination of rushed and intense scenarios depicted in the best manner.

While Krasinski didn’t give much development to the villainous monsters of the movie, he did make sure that they emit terror. The speed at which they move is terrifying, and it only makes viewers unsettle. The instances of the clash between humans and monsters have been the highlight of the movie.

With moments of enticing adrenaline rush and a chunk of thrill, Krasinski once again succeeds in communicating the situation of A Quiet Place, but this time with louder volume.

Expert’s Opinion

A Quiet Place 2 once again received universal acclaim, with Rotten Tomatoes giving an approval rating of 91% over 49 reviews received. On the other hand, Metacritic also gave their verdict with a 73 out of 100, generally indicating favorable reviews. The movie will get its release in the USA on the 28th of May, 2021.

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