90 Day’s Isabel Was “A Little Afraid” Before Becoming Personal With Gabe, But It Was “Wonderful”

90 Day' 's Isabel Was "A Little Afraid" Before Becoming Personal With Gabe, But It Was "Wonderful"

At first, Isabel Posada wasn’t completely sure she liked Gabriel Paboga.

The Colombian woman revealed that she was really nervous the first time she had sex with her partner on the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way episode that aired on Sunday night. During her sexual encounter with the American transgender man, Isabel recalled feeling uncertain about what to anticipate. Nonetheless, she was pleasantly delighted by the event.

When asked in Spanish about her initial sexual contact with Gabe, Isabel admitted, “Truthfully, I was a bit afraid.” “With regard to the material world, I was unsure of what to expect. There was a lot about those operations that I was unaware of. It was something fantastic to me at the time, and it still is.”

90 Day' 's Isabel Was "A Little Afraid" Before Becoming Personal With Gabe, But It Was "Wonderful"

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Isabel went into greater into about their sexual relationship, revealing that Gabe enjoys sex in the standard ways she assumes any male would. Even after talking to Gabe about her concerns, Isabel realized she still had more worries, including how he would be able to ejaculate. She said, “Clinically, medically, it’s so wonderful.” “He responds to encouragement. When I put my hand on him, he senses it.”

Isabel’s feelings for Gabriel go beyond their sexual attraction to one another. She has also confided in her pals that her two kids absolutely like Gabe and can’t stop asking when he’ll be back for another visit.

When Gabriel was in Colombia, he and Isabel met at a party thanks to some mutual acquaintances. The two were instantly attracted to one another and struck it off. Shortly after, Gabe revealed his trans identity to Isabel, though she had already figured it out by perusing his Instagram feed.

Despite Isabel’s past worries about the relationship, she assured Gabriel she accepts him entirely now that he’s a man. She admitted on an earlier show, “To be honest, I was quite nervous.” That I might develop feelings for a trans guy was the primary source of my anxiety.

With their engagement and impending move to Colombia, Gabe will need to come out as transgender to Isabel’s family. Even though he has been accepted into the family, he is afraid they would eventually reject him because of reality.

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