Rebel Wilson Is Engaged to Ramona Agruma! An Affirmative Response, We Agreed!

Rebel Wilson Is Engaged to Ramona Agruma! An affirmative response, We Agreed!

They’re tying the knot with Rebel Wilson!

The 42-year-old Australian actress and her girlfriend, Ramona Agruma, announced their relationship in June 2022, and by June 2022, they were engaged to be married.

On Sunday, Wilson posted an Instagram update announcing the fantastic news. “The answer is a resounding “Yes!” from us. Thank you very much to @tiffanyandco for the beautiful ring and to Bob Iger and the amazing team at Disneyland’s @disneyweddings for making this dream come true! “She penned”

Wilson and Agruma are seen wearing identical sweaters with a black heart engraved in pink and white stripes.

In one intimate photo, Agruma displays her engagement ring while kissing her partner. The other depicts the pair standing beneath a shower of flowers in front of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle.

Rebel Wilson Is Engaged to Ramona Agruma! An affirmative response, We Agreed!

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In June of 2022, Wilson revealed that she was dating Agruma, the proprietor of the athleisure company Lemon Ve Limon and the father of her first child, a daughter named Royce, who was born to her via surrogate in November of that year.

“A Disney Prince is what I was looking for, right? Maybe all along a Disney Princess was what I needed “A nice Instagram post is what Wilson said at the time.

A source informed PEOPLE that the two started dating in January of 2022, and by February of that year, they had already attended Super Bowl LVI as a couple.

“They’ve committed to each other fully and couldn’t be happier. Rebel’s pals have enjoyed seeing her so happy in a relationship “the insider revealed.

Wilson told PEOPLE she was introduced to her new love interest “via a friend,” though she didn’t specify who this buddy was.

“Prior to finally meeting, we had phone conversations for weeks. Also, that was a great opportunity to get to know one another “In May, she made the following statement. It was quite sweet and a little dated, she said.

Rebel Wilson Is Engaged to Ramona Agruma! An affirmative response, We Agreed!

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The Pitch Perfect star, who is releasing a new dating app called Fluid, recently told PEOPLE that she was “shocked” by “how deep the connection was and how instantaneous” when she met Agruma because she had previously believed that she “was really looking for a husband,” to the extent that she “[dated] about 50 guys in one year to catch up on the dating experience.”

She remembered being astonished because “I always was a bit of a girl and had strong connections with women,” but this was the first time it was a sexual connection. “And then I thought, “Well, well, what if it’s simply part of my personality that I’m repressing and not exploring?” And perhaps I should have done so a decade ago. My path has taken me where it has, but it’s great to finally have a partner.”

Wilson claimed that his feelings for Agruma “just happened,” when he had previously thought that Agruma was straight but simply hadn’t found the perfect man yet. She used to think she knew everything there was to know about sexuality, but recently she’s been “reading a lot about” it and has come to appreciate how “complicated and subtle” it is.

She continued, “And I still don’t know 100 percent what group I would fit into.” “I can’t say for sure. This amazing same-sex relationship I’ve recently entered into is the best thing ever.”

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