5 Things to Learn from a Pro Casino player as a Beginner

5 Things to Learn from a Pro Casino player as a Beginner

Multiple countries give out licenses for online casinos. This means the government will have a regulatory body that takes legal responsibility that are given by the for these casinos and their activities.

These laws include security measures against fraud and extensive inspections to check for irregularities.

Holding a license means that the online casino must follow the gambling rules and regulations that the government of India sets, or they can be held legally liable for their actions.

However, not all governing bodies have the same set of laws, nor are they all equally strict. While some are known for their constant surveillance and checks, others aren’t. 

There are regulating bodies who give the job of checking up on these sites to private parties. They are also known to have loopholes that allow casinos to get away with a lot of unfair practices.

Moreover, some regulatory bodies simply do not have laws protecting players as much against financial losses and other issues. They might even defer final judgment to the casinos, leaving players in the lurch.

Thus, before you play, make sure to read up on the various laws and practices of regulatory bodies. Look up the ones that are known to do a good job such as the UK Gambling Commission, and choose casinos that hold their licenses.

Low Volatility

When you are playing slots, always look for games with low volatility. In layman’s terms, you should always play at slots that don’t offer the biggest wins. 

Though that might sound counterintuitive, this is simply because slots that promise huge wins also come with the biggest losses. Thus, it is suggested by the experts from BetShahIndia that instead of chasing jackpots, it is always a better idea to add up various smaller wins over time.
High volatility slots or slots with big wins and big losses usually end up in losses because jackpots are rare. The magic of Slots is the need to keep the Youtility slots. 

You can keep playing on low-volatility slots for a long time without losing much. If you get a high RTP, you save a lot more than on a slot that promises a jackpot. 

Slots like these also give you the space to truly think about if you are spending too much. Playing slowly can be frustrating sometimes, but can save you from going bankrupt.

RTP and House edge

Before choosing a game to play at an online casino in India, get to know the RTP of each game. RTP expands to Return to Player. What it stands for is the percentage you get back from the money you spend on that game. 

The beauty of knowing the RTP is that you have a formula for knowing which games make you lose the most money and games that aren’t going to subtract a lot from your pocket even if everything goes wrong.  

These are also games where you can kind of win back most of what you spend on them since the losses are small. With high-volatility games, you are supposed to win big, so they make you lose big multiple times. By then, most people don’t have the money left to play more rounds. 

The house’s edge is the other side of the coin. It’s the percentage of your money that the house, aka the casino, gets. Games with massive house edges usually have things like rare jackpots attached to them, encouraging people to play. 

However, the casino makes enormous amounts of money off of it, while the player loses almost every time, even when they win. 

However, games like Blackjack are popular precisely because they have low house edges. There are some specific games where you can even hope to beat the casino, and the house doesn’t always win.

Most legal online casinos are forced by law to publish their RTP and House Edge rates publically. So before you start with a new game, make sure to look those lists up and save yourself from penury. 

Manual flushing

A very useful secret that only the pros know about is Manual flushing. Contrary to its name, this tool makes the withdrawal process automatic. 

Manual flushing works as such: when your account is filled to a certain, prearranged amount, your account automatically requests a withdrawal. 

Depending on the online casino you are playing at, manual flushing also keeps you from reversing your withdrawal request. This helps players not lose a lot of money and take stock of their finances because gambling can be hypnotic.

Many, when they get a massive win, they continue playing, hoping to get an even bigger win. However, doing so, more often than not, always leads to bigger losses than the original win. 

If the withdrawal system is automated, then the moment you win, all your winning money goes straight to your bank account without giving you too much time to spend it all on a whim. 

Although a handy tool, this is not something openly advertised on online casinos because it keeps them from their profit margins. Experienced players will typically get in touch with customer service to help enable it on their accounts. 

Once the winnings are safely tucked away, you can start playing with your own money again, keeping you from overspending.

Deposit Bonuses aren’t always that great

Pro casino players often aren’t swayed by the giant flashing billboards on an online casino’s homepage because they know that almost every offer has a condition attached to it. 

This is especially true with deposit bonuses. The casino you are playing at may advertise thousands for “free,” but you will have to spend thousands more actually to get any benefit out of it. 

First off, they will have a clause that will insist that players pay many times the amount gifted to actually be able to withdraw winnings made with the gift money. This means that you might have to spend 9000INR to get any use out of the 500 you actually got. This is called the wagering requirement. 

Secondly, not all games contribute to this requirement. Meaning you could spend 9000INR on blackjack but if the site doesn’t see it as a wagering requirement game, you will still have to spend that much to win back your bonus money.